Review: Lush Halloween Bath Products Lord Of Misrule, Soot Ball and Pumkin

As you've probably figured out, I'm a huge fan of Lush cosmetics. I love that they have seasonal products, and these bath products were too hard not to try out.

Firstly is their bath bomb called Lord Of Misrule (£3.30)
If I could describe what a dragons egg looks like, this would be it. Its a mossy green colour with pink and yellow flecks in it with an off ish star embossed around the edges.
Now, the difference between Lush's bath products is that some of them are bath bombs which are the ones that fizz around your bath; and some are bath melts which give you bubbles and aid your skin.
Lord Of Misrule is a bath bomb, so don't expect any bubbles from this!
The initial smell that came from this bomb was a sweet peppery scent, imagine chilli mixed with patchouli flowers.
On contact with water it immedietely started fizzing, and watching Lush bath bombs fizz away is one of the highlights of getting them!
There's popping candy inside with fizzed and popped and dissolved pretty quickly, along with this berry colour exploding through the green, making me feel like I was standing over my very own cauldron.
The smell that escaped the bomb was very flowery, but spicy and peppery at the same time.
When the bomb had finished it left my bath water a deep red wine colour which I was not expecting! In terms of my actual bath, the smell did not cling to me, and it did nothing for my skin. I found that the scent actually disappeared pretty quickly which was very disappointing.
I would give this bomb a 5/10 just for initial smell and dramatic performance, but I probably wouldn't repurchase it.

The next bath bomb I was super excited about due to my love of Studio Ghibli. For anyone who's watched Spirited Away, you'll recognise this little Soot Sprite that Lush reinvented into a bath bomb called Soot Ball (I can't find the price anywhere, but I believe this was around £3?)
The ball itself is super cute with stick on paper eyes and covered in soot. (Warning, this soot will transfer onto you/ your clothes, so be wary!)
The initial smell was this spicy, buttery scent with lots of frankinsence.

I really really wanted to love this soot ball! The smell was very nice, and inviting and it fizzed away in my bath revealing the gold lustre underneath.
But it just did nothing for me. The smell barely lasted, the little eyes fell off as soon as they hit water and annoyingly floated around my bath.
And the soot stained such a harsh stain around the rim of my bath that I ended up scrubbing it away after which defeated the whole point of me having a relaxing bath!
Another annoying part is that it left my water very sparkly, which transferred onto my skin.
This would probably be my only gripe with Lush products, as a lot of them have 'surprise glitter' in them which I do not want!
My bath water also resembled a bodily fluid that you don't want to picture yourself bathing in, which is never an aid to a relaxing bath!

So overall I was really dissapointed and would give the Soot Ball a 2/10 and would definitely not buy again, unless the product was redesigned.

Don't worry, this review isn't all bad!
Pumkin bath melt saves the day (£2.75)
(This photo has been taken from the lushcosmetics site)
Pumkin is a cute little pumpkin bath melt, which means lots of bubbles and super smooth skin after your bath! Just crumble it under running water to release the bubbles and yummy smell.
This smells just like pumpkin, with an Autumn orange spice to it. I personally break up my bath melts into 3/4 pieces to get more use out of them, so this is well worth the price!
The smell is a perfect pick me up for these chilly nights, and it creates a tonne of bubbles, just by using a quarter of it.
It leaves your bath water a golden orange without staining your tub!
My only (very small) issue is that it was hard to find a Pumkin with all its bits intact, but after finding out the stalk is just a liquorice piece and a candy leaf, and the eyes are just chocolate, I preferred a disfigured one!
Overall a great product, and I would definitely use it again.

For any questions, comments or suggestions, let me know!

Ram etc

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