Review: Lush Ocean Salt Facial and Body Scrub

(£7.25 for 120g)

You’ve probably just winced at the price thinking its extortionate, but like many Lush products a little of this scrub goes a long way.

You'll soon discover that I'm a huge fan of Lush products. Although they are expensive to begin with they last foreverrrr meaning you don't buy as many over a certain period of time. They also fight against animal testing and use natural ingredients, what's not to love?

The winter months tend to bring out the scaly monster in me and I was looking for an abrasive scrub that moisturised me well enough for the winter. Ocean Salt is perfect for that.

The salt is very course so I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with very dry or sensitive skin as it may scrub you harder than you want. (And don't use it on cuts/ open skin as the lime juice will stinggg!) The avocado butter leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised without having that oily residue that a lot of sugar/ salt based scrubs have. And the added lime gives a zingy scent and really makes your skin feel alive.

I only use this once every 2 weeks as it is veryyyy exfoliating.
The best way to use it is after cleansing your face, grab about a 10p piece size and work it into damp hands. It'll turn into a wet paste and be a lot less course when you put it on your face. Then just rub it into your skin in small circular motions, increasing/ decreasing pressure depending on how much exfoliating you want. Then just rinse it off like normal. Voila! You're a new woman.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions let me know!

Ram etc

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