How to: get ombre/ gradient nails

Ombre/ gradient nails have been a summer hit that I wanted to carry on to winter. Its a super easy look that looks professional and complicated (the best part about nail art!)

I'll teach you how to do ombre nails, and then you can use your own choice of colours creating a whole new world of nail art.
I mainly wanted a look that was more wintery, so chose blue and white with a hint of glitter to create an ice queen kinda vibe.

For this exact look, you will need:
A make up sponge
Dark blue nail polish
White nail polish
Glitter nail polish
High shine top coat
Cotton bud(s)
Nail polish remover

You need to make sure your sponge is one that's a little holy, or one with a lot of texture. If you have smooth make up sponges, you can tear one and use the rough inside part for this.

No matter what colours you're using for ombre nails you need to always apply the darker colour at the top of the nail so it blends out to the lighter one. So for this look, the blue will be at the top.

Dampen your sponge before you begin, as this will stop the nail polish absorbing into the sponge quickly.
Apply a strip of the blue at the top of the sponge and a strip of white directly underneath it. Do not blend these colours with your brush, it'll make it look gammy and mess up your brushes for further use.

Then you just want to press this on your nail. Dab the sponge, working the colour onto the nail, and gently blending the 2 colours together directly onto your nail.
You want to work as swiftly as possible so I suggest doing this at a table where you have a lot of room to work with.
As you can see it just looks like a hot mess, but don't panic! Repeat the process for your other nails and go over again, essentially doing your '2nd coat'

The colour will intensify and look a lot better.
If you're still thinking this looks awful, don't worry, just stick with me!
You can go over with a 3rd coat if you want the colour to be more intense.
Next just dab your glitter brush onto the white part of your nail. By dabbing the brush rather than gliding it across your nail, you'll transfer more of the glitter and it's more precise.

Now for the clean up.
Dip your cotton bud into some nail varnish remover (the easiest way to do this is to pour it into the remover's lid and dip your cotton bud in there) and tidy up around the edge of your nail. To be more precise you can use a small paint brush, but not everyone has them lying around and a cotton bud does a great job.

Due to the texture of the sponge your nail will look all dented and not too great. By adding a high shine top coat, it'll give the illusion your nail is smoother and make the ombre look less stipply!
Apply your high shine top coat and voila, all done.
You can experiment with all kinds of colours and create summer, Autumn, Halloween, Christmas looks just with this super simple technique.

For the exact polishes I used see below

If you have any questions, comments or queries, let me know!

Ram etc

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