Review: Lush Cinders bath bomb

This is gonna be a pretty short review, I rarely rave about Lush's bath bombs as I've more of a bath melt kinda girl (bubbles and my skin feeling great, what more could I want?) but Cinders was a real hit for me.

The smell is just the epitome if Christmas. An orangey citrus that's not too overbearing with a spicy cinnamon kick to it. It reminds me of those oranges that you'd stick cloves and cinnamon sticks in at school (the name escapes me)

Since I am a fan of bubbles, I decided to mix Cinders with a quarter of my bath melt Pumkin. These scents really complimented each other, the spicy, citrusy smells just screamed Christmas/ winter.

It fizzed around my bath leaving my water a bright tango orange, and the smell was stronger than Pumkin but didn't leave me with a headache!
I would definitely purchase this again but probably only around winter time since it has that warming scent!

For any questions, queries or comments, let me know!

Ram etc

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