Review: Beautyblender sponge

If you're like me and you waste away countless hours on YouTube watching every possible make up video then there's a high chance you've heard of the Beauty Blender sponge.

All it is is a small tear drop shaped make up sponge.

I asked for this as a birthday present as its around £20 which for a weeny sponge is extortionate! But don't worry, I did my research before hand to make sure it was justified!

What I found out from my extensive trawling was that to only purchase the Beauty Blender sponge. There are dupes and knock offs which are very similar (in aesthetic) but don't have nearly the same affect.

I was very skeptical trying it out for the first time as every blogger raves about how it blends your make up seamlessly with a 'photoshopped' finish.

My tips for using it are to make sure you dampen it before use. All you need to do is squeeze it whilst under running water and you'll see it expand in size. Give it a couple of squeezes under the tap then squeeze out all the excess water. 
You can see the difference in size when its damp. (Top is dry, bottom is damp)
I've put it next to a standard powder brush so you can see the scale, as it really is a tiny brush!

Now to use, all you have to do is dap your foundation onto your face like normal and using the fatter end stipple the sponge all over your face, gently working the foundation in.
Its a dabbing/ stippling motion, and you'll start to see your foundation getting worked in and blended.
You can use the smaller pointed end to apply concealer as its so tiny it gets right under your eyes into every crevice.

Now this is my face before. As you see I have a few blemishes and darker areas.

And this is after.
I honestly love this tiny little sponge. It blends your make up perfectly with no potential foundation brush streaks.
It really does give your foundation a 'photoshopped' finish. Your make up will look seamless and blended perfectly.

In addition you can also use the fatter end for applying blusher and bronzer.

I highly recommend the Beauty Blender, especially if you have issues with streaky make up.
The price is very high for a tiny sponge, but with regular cleaning (just clean it how you would your make up brushes) and care it'll last you for ages!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, let me know!

Ram etc

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