Review: Lush Bath Bomb Phoenix Rising

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts lately, Christmas and New Years followed by my birthday has kept me very busy!

As per for Christmas I got several goodies from Lush, a lot of them being bath bombs and luckily some of my favourites and ones I hadn't tried before! 
This one is called Phoenix Rising and is a bath bomb, so its one that fizzes and smells yummy.
(Apologies for the gammy plaster in the photo!)

PR smells of winter, it has a sweet cinnamon (but not too overpowering!) scent with a dull cocoa kick to it. Unlike most bath bombs, this one has a lot of cocoa and shea butter in it so it makes a huge difference to your skin when you leave the tub!

When you put it into your bath it sinks to the bottom and fizzes like crazy.
After a minute or so it slowly rises to the top and carries on fizzing, gently bobbing along the top of your bath.
The end result is a deep wine colour which is amazingly fragrant without being too overpowering.
The water has a slight shimmer to it but the glitter didn't transfer to my skin at all... Thank god! 

Personally, I loved this bath bomb, its perfect for any time of year, but winter specifically and its one of the few bath bombs I've used that actually makes a difference to my skin.
My only issue is that the cinnamon stick floats around your bath and is a bit of a pain but its no biggy just picking it out.

For any questions, comments or queries then let me know! 

Ram etc

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