Review: Schwarzkopf Got2b Hair Care Products

As you probably know I'm the queen of laziness and I'm a huge fan of products that give me a quick fix of what I want and need.

After a bright coloured dip dye phase, my hair has needed a lot more TLC than I've been willing to give. But I'm very attached to my hair (literally!) so I wanted to find some products that revitalised my straggly hair but also made it look good.

Schwarzkopf's Got2b range does exactly that.

I'm gonna do a quick review and 'how to' of each product. Obviously this is my own opinion on the product and how I personally like using them.

Firstly is the oil-licious dry oil mist with Argan Oil. You've probably heard of Argan Oil being very moisturising, nourishing and providing a lot of shine. This mist does exactly that but for a fraction of the price.
I personally spritz some of this on dry hair about 10cm away (looks best when your hair is straight)
It gives it immediate shine without looking greasy, and makes your hair look full bodied and strong. Be careful how much you use of this, remember its an oil and has the ability to make your hair look greasy if over applied! 

The next one is 2 Sexy Volumising Spray Mousse.
This for me is a GODSEND. I have naturally wavy hair, and lots of layers, so this mousse with the handy spray nozzle evenly distributes the product with next to no work on my part. Its a perfect dupe for Label M's Volume Mousse which is the only other spray mousse I know and double in price!
It doesn't leave your hair feeling crunchy or crispy either!
I personally spray this evenly around damp hair, slightly scrunch it and diffuse it/ let it dry naturally. My waves are now more defined, bouncy, and with 0 frizz.
It also last for aaaages! I've repurchased this only once and I use it probably every other time I wash my hair.

A heat protection spray is a staple item in anyone's hair care routine. Not only does this protect your hair from any heat styling (up to 220c!) but ya know in the winter when you're forever going from freezing cold temperatures to warm heated rooms and your hair goes all static? This will protect your hair from that too! And the same for the summer when you're going from the heat of the sun to air conditioned cars or offices. Just spray it all over damp hair and style as normal.

And finally their Mermaid Look Salt Spray.
This is probably the best dupe I've used for Label M's Sea Salt Spray. It smells exactly like the beach, and is great for a tousled waves, 'I've just been swimming in the sea for the past hour' look (minus the blackened smudged eyeliner and pruny fingers)
For naturally wavy hair this will pick up your waves and make them a little more defined giving you a very natural look. Just spritz it on damp hair and leave to dry naturally. I personally don't recommend blow drying with this; if you have frizz prone hair it'll make your hair blow up like a matted lions mane.

And that's all the products I've tried! I personally use these every week (or every other week) so I highly recommend them!
You can find their range in Boots and Superdrug. Superdrug very often have a 2 for £5 deal on them (which is an absolute steal!)
Or Boots usually include them in their 3for2 hair care offers.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions then let me know!

Ram etc

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