Review: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Firstly, huge apologies for being MIA recently, I honestly have no excuse, I'm just being 100% lazy.

I've been binging on buying myself lots of make up and beauty goodies recently, so hopefully I'll have a load more reviews coming soon.

My most recent purchase and the new love of my life is Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette.
With the launch of their Naked 3 palette, the prices in Naked 2 have decreased massively on eBay and amazon etc. So I was lucky enough to win a brand new one from eBay for a bargain £8.

Now if you don't know about the Naked palettes, there are now 3 different eyeshadow palettes. They're all 'naked' neutral toned colours designed to suit everyone. The 1st one being a lot of browns and golds, the 2nd one being browns and greys, and the 3rd one being more rosey goldy browns.

I was wary getting this palette as I wasn't sure if the greyer shades were going to suit my caramelly/ mocha skin tone.
But I can safely say I love the whole palette.

There's not one colour that I dislike, I obviously favour more over the others, but I think if the 'least favourites' are blended well with the 'favourites' then it means you can get maximum use out of the palette and maybe try some shades you're not used to!

I would definitely say this palette would suit every skin tone, from very fair to my caramel skin tone, down to a very dark chocolatey complexion.

Keep scrolling for swatches and a short review on each eyeshadow. (Apologies for how long this post is going to get; and for how grubby my nails look!)

The first one is called Foxy and this is a very pale matte shade which would be good as an all over lid colour for a light/natural look, or as a highlighter.

Half Baked is a definite favourite. A burnt orangey gold which suits my skin tone very well. You could use this for any eye look you want.

Bootycall is like a silvery version of Foxy. I think this is a little too shimmery as a highlighting shade, but would work really nicely in the inner tear duct.

Chopper is a really nice browny shade. On my skin tone this looks quite neutral and has a slight shimmer to it. It works really well with Half Baked.

Tease is probably my least favourite shade. Its a greyish matte purple. Its an ok colour, but not something I'd usually wear, so I'm a bit hesitant to use it. I think it would work really well for a purpley smokey eye, as a base shade all over the lid.

Snakebite is another favourite. Its a deep shimmery chocolate which you can use for any eye look you're trying to achieve. This is also a colour that really suits my skin tone.

Suspect is very similar to Chopper in that it looks quite neutral on my eye with a hint of purpley shimmer.

Pistol is a definite favourite. Its a really deep gun metal with a silvery charcoal feel to it, and a very slight shimmer. Perfect for a smokey eye!

Verve is a kind've 'meh' colour for me. I've got quite a few pale-ish goldy browns which are quite similar. Its a neutral shade on my eyes, which is nice nonetheless.

YDK is a really rich goldy colour with a hint of shimmer. Probably the truest gold I own without it looking tacky. A really nice lid or crease shade.

Busted I was really unsure about on my skin tone but its one of my favourites. I'm wary of purple eyeshadows because I don't want it to look like I've been punched in the face. But I wore this in the corners with Pistol in the crease and it adds a subtle pop of colour which makes me look like a punk/ goth fairy queen.

And finally, Blackout which is a really pigmented matte black. I wore this on my lower lash line and smudged it out and it sits really well with amazing staying power.

The palette comes in a click button tin with a double ended brush; one end is a fluffy blending brush, and the other is a standard flat eyeshadow brush.

I personally love the whole palette and know I'll get a lot of usage out of each colour. I definitely recommend it for all skin tones and make up skill levels.

Thanks for reading! 
If you have any comments, queries, suggestions, then let me know!

Ram etc

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