Review: ELF's Baked Eyeshadow Palette in California

One of the things I'd been lusting over for a while was ELF's baked eyeshadow palette in California.
They have 4 different palettes all named after different places. I wanted this one as the colours were neutral but had a few shades I'd never used before.

Its a beautiful palette that comes in a sleek black box, with little domes for each shadow. The packaging is very reminiscent of so many eyeshadow palettes out there.

I've tried this out a couple of times and I really like it, and for £10 its a bargain.
The colours are all very neutral and easy to work with. They all compliment each other well, so you don't find yourself reaching for another eyeshadow or palette.

When I tested them out I was a little worried as there was a lot of fall out in the palette. This wasn't an issue when actually using them for some reason, so be warned, if you like to keep your palettes very clean and tidy, you might be dusting this one out more than you think!

I've found that they aren't super pigmented, but true enough to their colour for a subtle day look. If you wanted the colour to be a bit brighter you could use a wet brush which really intensifies each shade. Or use an eyelid primer as this does the same job!

Keep scrolling for swatches and a short review of each eyeshadow!

The shadows don't have names so I've tried to do it in order and photograph each swatch next to the corresponding shadow. (Apologies for how gross my nails look!)
This is a really bright cream colour with slight shimmer to it. Its quite pale for an all over lid shade for me, but it works really nicely in the brow bone or inner corner.

This one is a metallic silver which is very shimmery. It has a very punk look to it and is great for a silvery smokey eye.

This is one of my favourites. A pure gold with shimmer. This is probably the most pigmented shadow and I'm so glad! It really suits my dark eyes and brightens my dark lids really well.

This one is a nice milky chocolate brown. It has a slight shimmer to it and adds subtle colour to my dark eyelids for a slight hint of colour.

This is one of the lighter shades but it has a slight gold/ copper tinge to it. This one is great for a light summery look and its good for when I want my dark lids to look a little brighter.

This is another favourite. A browny gold with a slight shimmer. Its nice and pigmented and good for an all over lid shade or as a corner colour for a light smokey eye.

This one is quite a neutral shade on my skin tone but it adds a slight golden shimmer to my lids.

This one is a rich deep chocolate with no shimmer. Perfect for a day look and makes my eyes look smooth with a slight hint of colour.

This one is my favourite out of the whole palette! Its a dark violet purple with a very slight shimmer to it. Its a shade I'm not used to wearing but I love it. Perfect for an all over lid or in the crease to build up a bit of depth.

And last but not least a really pigmented rich golden chocolate with shimmer. Really nice in the corners of the eyes for a light smokey eye or in the crease of your lids.

And that's it! I would definitely recommend this palette for all skin tones as the colours are pretty neutral and easy to work with.

Has anyone else tried this?

For any comments, queries or suggestions, then let know!

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