Review: Lush Cosmetics Bunny Bubble Bar

As you've probably realised Lush release seasonal products for pretty much any holiday or event you could think of.

I personally didn't have any need or want for any of their Valentines themed products as they were all very sweet smelling.

At the moment they have an array of products for Easter and Mothers Day.
So I picked up one of their Easter themed bubble bars called 'Bunny' (£3.25)
Bunny is a cute little white rabbit bubble bar, which you crumble under a running tap to create a tonne of bubbles.
And it even has a cute pink tummy!

The smell for me is the exact same as Snow Fairy, which is a popular Christmas shower gel. Its very sweet without being sickly.
It has a hint of coconut and lots of shea butter, so its great for your skin.

I personally break my bubble bars into 2 to get more use out of it.
And half a bar creates plenty of bubbles for a bath!

I really enjoyed this bubble bar, it smells delectable and sweet, and left my skin feeling silky smooth.

My only issue with this is the blue cornflowers in it. They look pretty whilst on the bar, but I can only describe the little flowers as looking like dead moths floating around my bath. Which obviously doesn't bode well for a relaxing evening!

If you can deal with the cornflowers, and having to rinse them down your plug hole when you're done, then this is a great bubble bar for you.

Personally I probably wouldn't repurchase it just for that reason.

Has anyone else tried this yet?

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions, then let me know!

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