Review: Lush Fresh Face Mask Cupcake

If you watched my video on all my Lush products (apologies for how bad it lagged) you'll know I'm on a quest for a new face mask from Lush.

Lush are very generous and are more than willing to provide you with free samples of their face masks. They come in a small black pot and has around 3 masks in them.

My most recent sample was of Cupcake
You'll probably recognise this one as its the one that looks and smells like chocolate.
Cupcake is predominately for oily and acne prone skin.
Its designed to give you a deep cleanse with Rhassoul mud absorbing any excess oils and cocoa powder to draw out all your dirt and impurities.
It also has fresh mint in it which is great for toning your skin.

I personally have normal to combination skin, but I used this when I had a lot of breakouts.

Not only does this smell divine (imagine mint chocolate ice cream) but it leaves your skin feeling cool, fresh and squeaky clean.

My glowing red spots had been calmed down a lot and reduced in size after just 1 use. My face definitely felt revitalised after this mask! I don't have excessively oily skin so I can't comment on how it affects that, but it didn't leave my skin feeling parched or tight which a lot of oily skin masks seem to do.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone with acne prone and oily skin! And £5.95 for a 75g tub you can't really go wrong!

Just remember to store them in the fringe and use by their 3 week expiration date.
If you don't think you're gonna use it up in time you can always seperate it and put it in the freezer. It turns into an ice cream consistency so you can even use it straight from the freezer.

Has anyone else used this? What did you think?

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions then let me know!

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