Review: Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb/ Bath Melt

Firstly, again massive apologies for being MIA recently. I've just started a new job (YAY) but its all been very hectic and busy!

I thought I'd do this review just in time for Easter. As you probably know Lush bring out seasonal products for pretty much every occasion.

This princessey beaut is called Golden Egg and its a bath melt and bath bomb, in 1!

I'm always very apprehensive about Lush's bath products that are covered in glitter because I don't want to be scrubbing my bath afterwards or I don't want to look like I'm 15 and going to my first school disco.

Luckily, the gold lustre is just a layer over this toffee scented egg.
When you pop it in the water it fizzes and bobs around your bath like a normal bath bomb. The glitter pretty much washes off as soon as it hits the water.

The smell is like a burnt toffee, honey comb kind of scent. Its delectable and yummy without it being super sweet and over powering.
Once the bomb stops fizzing the oily melt, well it starts to melt. 

The bath water turns a golden yellow colour without it looking too weird or off putting.
The melt means my skin feels silky and soft post bath and I don't even feel the need to moisturise.

Once I finished there was a small amount of brownish glitter at the bottom of my bath, but one quick rinse with water and it was gone. So to anyone who is put off by the glitter, don't worry! It doesn't stain your skin or your bath!

I would definitely purchase this again, as no other Lush bath melt has a scent like this.
A great Easter product which I kind of hope they adapt into a permanent!

If anyone has any questions, queries or comments then let me know!

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