Haul: ELF Cosmetics

So, again I had a little splurge on the ELF site and got a few bits that were in the clearance and that I was running out of.

I find that in terms or face products ELF definitely cater for warmer skin tones and brown skin. I usually find it quite difficult to find my shade from high street stores but (so far) I've not had a bad experience with them!

With this order I did however have some mishap with the delivery. My package got lost in the post and the ELF customer service were prompt in re-sending the order and responding to my emails. Annoyingly though they haven't provided any reimbursement due to the delay in my package arriving but after a stern email they have given me a voucher with free delivery off my next purchase.

Aaaaanyway, I really do like ELF as a brand and have found that I really like their products.
This haul I gotttt:

Tinted moisturiser in Sand
Concealer stick in Honey
Eye Refresh
Liquid eyeliner in Black and Copper
Nail polish in Chocolate
Blending eyeshadow brush 
Angled bronzing brush 

There will probably be reviews to come once I've used some of these. I'm particularly intrigued by the Eye Refresh as I'm a heavy hayfever sufferer and I'm hoping this reduces my daily battle with puffy eyes!

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions then feel free to drop me a comment!

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