Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I've had the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for a little while now and I've been meaning to review it as its one of my favourite and most used palettes!

I was debating between this and the original Naked palette; since I have Naked 2 I wanted something with a completely different variety of shades.

This palette is gorgeousssss and I get on with all the shades in here; which I was worried about as some of them are quite pinky based and I wasn't sure if they would suit my complexion.

Overall I would definitely recommend this palette to everyone as I feel it caters to every skin tone, and it looks great on warmer/ brown skin too.

Like the original Naked and Naked 2 palettes this one comes with a double ended brush. One side being a standard eyeshadow brush and the other being a fluffy blending brush. This is my ALL TIME favourite eyeshadow brush to use, I highly recommend it.

Apologies in advance for how grubby my nails look in the swatches; and for how long this post is going to get!

So from lightest to darkest it starts off with Strange which is a matte highlighting shade. This doesn't really do much for me on my lids so I just use it under my brow bone for highlighting.

Next is Dust which is a pretty frosty baby pink. It comes off quite shimmery and is perfect for a summery look.

Burnout is a lovely shimmery peach colour which is again perfect for spring/ summer and an amazing crease colour.

Next is Limit which is a baby pink matte shade. This shade doesn't really come up too pink on my skin time (which I like!) so its a good one for a crease shade or to help blend out a more gradual gradient of colour.

Buzz is one of my favourites. Its a step up from baby pink and is a frosty shimmery shade. Perfect for the outer corner and blended into a lighter colour. Also amazing for spring and summer looks!

Trick is an amazing pure frosty gold. It reminds me of a gold slicked statue. Its an amazing shade for all over the lid and it really brightens up the eyes.

Nooner is another favourite and probably one of my most used; which is surprising as its not a shade I'd usually go for! Its a mix between a soft baby pink and brown and is amazing for people with darker complexions in the crease.

Next is Liar which is probably one of my least used shades. Its a frosty brown colour and is nice as an all over colour.

Factory is a really nice goldy brown with a little less frostiness than the other shades. Lovely for all over the eye and the corner for a very light smokey eye.

Mugshot is probably one of my least used shades. Its a frosty, shimmery browny gold. I feel like this shade comes up quite muddy on my skin tone but its nice to use to blend out other shadows.

Darkside is a really nice browny dark grey which is great for a smokey eye or dramatic eye look. It has a very slight shimmer to it but its not too frosty.

Blackheart is a definite favourite. A beautiful dark rich black with tiny gold and pink flecks which just brighten up a smokey eye and gives it something a little different.

And that's it! The Naked 3 palette comes highly recommended!

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions then feel free to drop me a comment!

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