Review: Lush May Day bath bomb

I haven't tried out a new Lush bath bomb in a while and I heard about their May Day bomb which is to raise money to 'Save The Badgers'
Personally, I'm not a huge fan of badgers. The only ones I've come across have been mean and hissed at me so I'm pretty indifferent towards them!
But, nevertheless its a nice idea and every little helps.

The bomb itself smells like a combination between liquorice and sherbet. Sweet without being sickly, overall a really nice smell!
Like any normal Lush bath bomb, it starts fizzing as soon as it hits the water. It bobs about for a bit with a slight black trail, slowly fizzing out.

It was a really nice bomb to use and nice to know that all proceeds (minus VAT) were going to a good cause.
Overall I probably wouldn't purchase it again just because I'm not the biggest fan of bath bombs; I prefer whatever I put in the bath to actually do something for my skin.

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