Review: Chou Chou I Love You & Dirty Toothy Tabs by Lush Cosmetics

I recently made an online order with lush and I've always been intrigued by their toothy tabs; so I asked for a sample.
(If ever ordering online and you would like a sample, write what you want in the 'gift instructions' section before checking out)

The toothy tabs are basically small pellets that replace toothpaste. They're a lot better for the environment cause they come in a cardboard box. They have a lot of different flavours, so I chose Chou Chou I Love You and Dirty.

40 tabs for £2.95

Chou Chou I Love You are a rose and lemon flavoured tab and Dirty are a minty fresh tab.

These are...weird. Obviously I've never used anything but toothpaste my whole life, so using something I have to crunch and with a flavour that's not mint is weird for me.
But by all means, not bad weird!

CCILY is sweet and flowery and actually tastes really nice if you like rose flavoured things. And Dirty just tastes like your standard fresh mint flavour.
All you have to do is nibble it between your teeth and brush your teeth like normal. They do foam quite a bit, and I know some people don't like a mouth full of froth. Be sure to crunch the tab properly otherwise it'll get quite bitty in your mouth.

In all, the ones I chose taste really nice, they freshen my breath and don't leave a weird taste/ feeling/ residue in my mouth.

I recommend these if you're wanting to try out something different flavour and texture wise! 

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions then feel free to drop me a comment!

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