Review: Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Enrapture

The Illamasqua sale launched around a month ago and I lost my mind a little bit and ordered a few goodies.
I got the Paranormal palette, a concealer and the liquid metal in Enrapture.

The liquid metals are one of those multi use products. You can use it as an eye shadow, eye base, bronzer, or highlighter.

I've used this in all the above ways, my least favourite way is as an eyeshadow. Since it is quite creamy I found it sunk into the creases of my eyes and almost absorbed into my skin after a few hours. I don't even have oily eyelids so I deffffinitely wouldn't recommend this as an eyeshadow if you do. Which is a shame as its such a stunning golden bronze colour when its on.

As an eye base, so putting this on before your eyeshadow it works really well. Since its creamy the other powder eyeshadow I apply after almost sticks to it so it acts as a primer. And for some reason because of the powder shadow on top of it, it doesn't disappear or sink into the creases of your lids.

My favourite way to use this is as a bronzer and highlighter.
I've never really used a highlighter on a regular basis, but this one is perfect for my skin tone. Its really blendable and buildable, so you can give a subtle highlight or build it up so its more pigmented. Its a really stunning colour and catches the light perfectly.

I really like this as a bronzer as well for the exact same reasons as using it as a highlighter. It works amazingly if you have the same skin tone as me, or have a more warmer complexion.

So overall a really nice multi use product that has lasted me for ages. I would 1000% recommend this for warmer skin tones and women of colour.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions then feel free to drop me a comment!

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  1. This liquid metal looks amazing on you!! Love this post :)



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