Tutorial: Halloween creepy stitched doll

I went to Fright Night at Thorpe park last night and I wanted a look that was easy to accomplish whilst I was there, used minimal products and that was still scary.

I decided to go with this stitched doll look as its super easy to do and looks really good on anyone!

All you need is:

-powder blue/ lilac eyeshadow 
-white eyeliner/ white eyeshadow stick
-black liquid eyeliner/ black face paint
-pink eyeshadow/ pink blush
-lipstick colour of your choice.

Since I was going to Thorpe park all day I did some of the make up beforehand and did the 'scary' parts whilst I was there.
I did my foundation, concealer and powder routine as normal, but left out the blush and eyes.

For the eyes you want to use a powder blue or lilac eyeshadow as dolls usually have that OTT eyeshadow painted on them. Luckily I had both of these colours in a Match Girl pallette my mum gave me forever ago (helpful that this no longer exists...sorry!) I blended both the shadows together quite messily onto my lids and highlighted my brow bone with a white eyeshadow to blend it all together. Add liner (no wings!... This was very difficult for me as I'm a Wing Fo Lyf kinda gal) and add mascara like normal.

Next is the big white eyes. All you need to do is get a white eyeliner/ white eyeshadow stick (Maybelline's Line Refine Kajal in white or NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk would be perfect for this) and you want to line your bottom eyes (waterline) and basically draw a half moon shape under your eyes.
I have quite big under eye bags, so that was actually quite helpful as I just lined my bag and filled that in (probably the only time its ever come in handy)
Once that big half moon shape is all filled in, you can blend this out with your finger and set it with a white eyeshadow if you like.
Don't worry if this part is quite messy, we'll be able to neaten that up soon!

Next you wanna get your black liquid liner or black face paint and outline the white half moon you've just created. This line can be as thick or thin as you want it. So don't panic if you mess it up...just make the line a bit thicker! I personally used ELF's black liquid liner which worked perfectly.
After that add your eyelashes! You can put thick falsies on the bottom here but I think it looks a bit better (and its easier!) if you draw them on. I drew them on like little upside down triangles as I wanted the doll's lashes to look thick and fake. And that's your eyes complete!

Next is the blush. I personally used a bright pink eyeshadow from a Collection palette I had and used a fluffy concealer brush to swirl this on the apples of my cheeks into a circle. (Remember to smile! The highest point of your cheek is the perfect place to put your circle) You can build this up to as bright as you want it. Remember, dolls always have a very prominent rosy cheek look.

Now for the creepy bit (if the eyes weren't enough) 
You want to conceal your lips with your normal concealer. Try not to rub this onto your lips as it'll dry them out further and push the concealer into any lines on your lips. Just dab the concealer on gently. Then get your lipstick of choice; i personally chose Limecrime's Red Velvet Velvetine and draw on little heart lips. You want these to be as small as possible and try to over line your top lip.

Once you're happy with the lips, go back to your liquid liner/ black face paint and draw the stitches. Just drag your brush from the corner of your mouth upwards into a permanent smile. (Then have a little 'why so serious' moment to yourself)
Match it up with the other lip and then draw on your stitches. I personally used horizontal crosses and vertical lines. Don't worry if these aren't perfectly on the smile line, if someone was stitching up your lip they probably wouldn't be super careful about it!
And voila! That is the make up look complete!

Now you can stick your hair in bunches (doesn't matter if they're not the same height/ your hair is messy), pair it with a cute little dress, maybe add a bloody fake knife and you're good to go!

Super super easy look with minimal products, that still looks amazing.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions then let me know! 

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