Review: Urban Decay Perversion & Subversion mascara review

Every post I make on here starts off with me apologising for being MIA. I know, I know, I'm rubbish. But butttt, there's been a lot of change that has come with the new year!
I've recently changed positions at my company to a role that is a lot more work and takes up more of my time. Combine that with me being super lazy and that's probably the only excuse I have for my lack of posts.

ANYWAY. I've recently been using Urban Decay's Perversion & Subversion mascara and primer combo and I thought I'd do a quick review.

I managed to find this on Amazon when they were having a deal and it worked out a lot cheaper than normal. I got the full size mascara with the sample size primer.

I've used a Dior lash primer before this that I was kind've 'meh' about. I liked using it, but I feel like it didn't do what it claimed to do (will most likely do a review of that soon!) Because of that, I didn't have high hopes for this primer.

I love this little guy! With the Dior primer, after a few uses it got all mixed up with the eyeliner and eyeshadow transfer and went a bit gross. This one hasn't done that at all! The brush has really seperated bristles so it combs through my lashes really well. The primer distributes really evenly without lumping and clumping. It does what it says and primes my lashes really well, ready for mascara. 

Just from looking at the mascara brush j didn't think I was going to like it. My go to mascara brushes are really fat and thick. I'm quite lucky that my lashes are naturally long and curly but not that much volume. Teamed with the primer this does an amazing job of fanning out my lashes and making them look a lot thicker. In general the condition of my lashes looks amazing and the colour is really dark and black without looking like spiders legs.

Overall this is an amazing combo! I definitely prefer this primer to the Dior one I've tried previously. 

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