Empties #1: Lush Cosmetics Herbalism, Rimmel Brow This Way and Sleek Make Up Eyebrow Stylist

I'm currently on a make up spending ban as Lord knows I don't need to buy myself anything else. So I've decided to do an empties and short review on all the products I'll be using up.
I've got more empties for this month but some of them I've found dupes/ want to compare it to another product so I'll do those ones seperately 

Firstly is Herbalism from Lush Cosmetics. 

It's the green herby cleanser that smells like dirt (putting it bluntly)

This is one of those cleansers that's fairly solid and you mix it with water to make a thinner consistency. I like this kind of cleanser as it means you can control the consistency of it depending on how your skin is feeling at the time. (Put less water in to make it more coarse and more water in to make it thinner)

This cleanser was just ok. I have combination skin with the occasional breakout; and I feel like this didn't really aid or hinder my skin when it was in bad condition. The smell was really off putting, it's very earthy and dirt like. Due to the ingredients (nettle and ground almonds to name a few) I found that this got stuck in my eyelashes quite easily and then it stung and it was just a hot mess. Overall, I was pretty glad I finished this as it was just a 'meh' product for me.

Next product I used up is Rimmel Brow This Way which is a tinted eyebrow gel.
I got the shade dark brown.

The only other brow gel I've used is Maybelline's Brow Drama, so I wanted to see how I preferred this one. The Rimmel one is cheaper but you get 2ml less product than Brow Drama. The brush is very similar to a mascara wand but about half the size. I didn't like this wand for my brows, personally. It was ok for the front of my brows but the ends (where I get quite unruly hairs!) there was no room for precision and it ended up getting all over my skin.
In addition, the formula is a lot more 'smudgy' than Brow Drama and I feel like it doesn't last very long either. Overall it was a nice product, but I think there are better ones out there.

Last but not least is Sleek Make Up's Brow Stylist in Medium.

Not that I have it; but I feel like this would be a good dupe for Anastasia Beverley Hills' Brow Wizz.
I've been a powder brow girl for a long time but I loved using this pencil!
The pencil is slanted so it's really easy to shape your brows however you want. And it's really easy to feather the pencil so it looks like actual hairs. The colour is perfect for my eyebrows. I have dark brown hairs but certainly not black. The spooly on the end is really handy for combing through the product. I would definitely repurchase this product (once I work my way through all my powders)

If you have any questions, or suggestions, then let me know!

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