Empties #5: Boots Extracts Vanilla Body Scrub, Lush CosmeticsCurly Wurly Shampoo, Lush Cosmetics Jasmine & Henna Fluff-Eaze

Another empties post! I'm not sure if people actually enjoy reading these posts, but I've used up quite a lot of products lately so there's probably gonna be more (my bad)

Boots Extracts Luscious Vanilla Body Scrub

I'm a big body scrub fan; and I'm one of those people with more ingrown hairs than actual hairs so I'm always on the hunt for a good exfoliator. I picked up this scrub a little while ago when it was 3for2 and I liked the fact the majority of the ingredients in this were natural and fair trade.
This scrub is a bit too 'wet' for me. I don't know why that needed to be in quotation marks, but its just a bit soggy for my liking.
The smell is incredible - really nice sweet vanilla scent without being overpowering or sickly.
I applied this on dry skin before I got into the shower/ bath as I found if applied to wet skin it would just slop over my skin and not exfoliate as much as I wanted to.
I found the little beady bits inside (not entirely sure what they're made of!) quite annoying. They weren't really abrasive enough and would always get stuck at the bottom of my bath.

Overall, I'd give this a 2.5/5

Oh my christ, I love this shampoo so so much. Ok, a little backstory to my hair. It's long, thick, naturally wavy and constantly recovering from heat and chemical damage. (Screw my past self for dip dying the ends several bright colours and having red hair for about 3 years)
So I was on the hunt for a shampoo that would help my wavy hair, moisturise and nourish without making my hair heavy. And I was looking for something natural.
So enter Lush Cosmetics (as always) to save the day. This shampoo comes in the black tubs and is a thick consistency with real coconut in it. 
Now, I've heard a lot of people had trouble with using this shampoo. Since it's so thick and has real coconut in it, the consistency is a little different to deal with. All I did was apply a 50p size lump onto fully soaked (and I mean soaked) hair and just rub it all over until it lathers and keep going until you're satisfied. The key I've found to this shampoo is to apply it to super wet hair and start of with a bit and keep adding if you need to.
This shampoo made my hair so luxurious. It defined my waves so I had a lovely natural beachy hair look. It was very moisturising, so my hair was soft and nourished without being TOO soft and annoying. In the long run it massively improved the condition of my hair.
The only downfall is that the real coconut has 0 purpose in this shampoo and it's just bloody annoying. It will end up in your bath and you'll have to shake it out of your hair when you're out of the shower - so if you have a stressy mum, then please be wary!
If this shampoo came without the real coconut it would honestly be a gift from the gods.
Also - remember to save your tubs from Lush! If you bring 5 tubs clean back into any Lush store you can get a free face mask (or something else if you don't get on with any of the face masks)

I would give this shampoo a 4/5

Ok, so this hair treatment is one of the best hair treatments I have ever used. And I've tried a lot. I've tried hot oils, natural oils, homemade hair masks, deep conditioning masks - pretty much everything.
This treatment firstly smells amazing. I personally love the smell of henna/mehndi. I find it really comforting and medicinal and just homely. I also love the smell of jasmine - I think it's a really nice, light and floral scent; and actually goes really well with the henna!
Like all hair treatments you apply this on dry hair, leave it on for around 20 minutes then wash off in the shower.
The way this made my hair feel was honestly incredible. It made it feel voluminous and soft and moisturised and nourished and just better condition? My beaten, worn and scraggly hair finally had some life?! And it didn't make it soft to the point that it was annoying - I had no flyaways and it wasn't too poofy or fluffy. This hair treatment did wonders for my hair and I'm looking forward to repurchasing. It does seem pretty pricey, but I got 4 uses out of 1 tub, so I think it worked out pretty well per use.
Again, remember to save this tub and bring 5 black tubs back to any Lush store and you can get a free face mask!

I would rate this a 5/5

If you have any queries, or feedback, then feel free to drop me a comment!

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