Review: My Favourite Lip Balms, Butters & Salves

Since we're now in the Summer months, but we're somehow still transitioning from Spring to Summer (seriously Mother Nature, sort yourself out) my lips take a serious battering from the change of seasons. Team that with my love for matte lipsticks and you have a minor breakdown from Yours Truly.

I'm a huge lip balm junkie. I have an unnecessary amount. I have no excuse...it's not normal and I'm fully aware.

But anyway, below are a few of my all time favourite lip balms, butters and salves to save your lips.

Cherry Carmex Lip Salve
Carmex is bae - Carmex is life. My go to lip saviour with a yummy cherry scent. Carmex is so intense that you can use it on cold sores and severely chapped lips. I first discovered Carmex when I went to Vegas, which I didn't realise was a DESERT. So, naturally my lips fell apart and I cried to everyone about it, until my mum bought me this to shut me up. It's tingly and soothing, smells great and does the job.

Nivea Lip Butter - Blueberry Blush Lip Butter
Everyone had been going on about these lately; so I decided to jump on the bandwagon (as I always do!) and see what all the fuss was about.
The smell of this in INCREDible. It's sweet and fruity without being overpowering and sickly. I like how it makes my lips feel AFTER it' sunk in. It leaves like a clear-ish white film over my lips when I use this, so I tend to use this before bed so it's all sunk in by the morning.

The Body Shop - Frosted Cranberry & Glazed Apple Lip Balm
I'M SORRY IN ADVANCE, but I'm pretty sure these are Christmas Limited Edition...my bad.
The Body Shop lip balms are so so good. They always smell incredible and are super moisturising.
I'm not surprised these 2 are Christmas editions as they're very Christmassy scents. The glazed apple is really fresh and clean and smells exactly like Granny Smith apples. The frosted cranberry is really nice and sweet, without being gross and sickly.

The Body Shop - Chocomania Lip Butter
If you love the smell of chocolate, please for the love of god buy this. It smells soooo gooood. This butter is thick and moisturising and doesn't leave my lips feeling bitty or too slippy.

Rose & Co - Rose Petal Salve
I recently spoke about this floral lip salve here
A gorgeous rose, floral - but not bordering on old lady rose smell with a really handy applicator and super super moisturising.

Lush Cosmetics - Mint Julips Lip Scrub
Now, I bloody love lip scrubs; I think they come in handy so you don't end up biting half your lips off. This however is incredibly overpriced. This is around £5 for a tiny tub, and all it is is sugar and essential oils. Lip scrubs are INCREDIBLY easy to make at home, so please don't waste your money buying this one!

Bet ya didn't think anyone could talk about lip balms so much did ya?? Well, I hope this post wasn't too pointless and actually helped you make your really tough decision on which £3 lip balm to invest into next.

I really appreciate all your comments and suggestions - keep them coming!

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