Review & Swatches: Sleek Cosmetics True Colour Matte Lipsticks

I just wanna start off this post by saying a huge thank you to everyone who read my recent post on how I deal with PCOS (read here!) The response, and comments I've had from you all has honestly been so incredible and heart warming. I wasn't expecting it at all, so I just want you all to know how much I appreciate it.

ANYWAY! In my previous posts you may have noticed me sneakily mentioned a couple of Sleek Cosmetics products. I'm a huge fan of Sleek, and I discovered them randomly a few years ago when I bought my first ever red lipstick.
Their True Colour matte lipsticks are truly incredible. I'm so in love with the formula, the pigmentation is incredible, they're incredibly long wearing (barely need to touch up!), super matte without being drying and just so so good.
I have 4 of their lipsticks in total, 2 of them being ones I've repurchased (the only lipsticks I have EVER repurchased cause I love them that much)
They retail for £4.99 each (you can find them in Boots or Superdrug) which I think is amaaaazing considering how long wearing they are, you never need to touch up, so they last forever.

Russian Roulette - Red

Not that I own it, but I feel like this might be a good dupe for Mac's Russian Red (it might just be the name, who knows)

It's a pure fire engine, tomato red. If you're looking for the classic matte Hollywood red, then look no further. The pigmentation is incredible, 1 swipe and you're at Full Capacity. One of the 2 lipsticks I've ever repurchased, as I can't really deal with not having this in my collection.

Mystic - Pink

Mystic is my go to bright pink. It's perfect for the summer, and a lipstick that I can throw on and know is going to look Killa.

You may remember this lipstick from my Mac lipstick post. I love how versatile this shade is, it's incredible on it's own, but I also love layering it with Mac's Gel lipstick (read more here!). The possibilities are endless with this one!

Vamp - Burgundy

This shade really speaks for itself, it's exactly that, a vampy dark red, burgundy shade. I would describe this as a dark wine colour and it's perfect for glamming up any look/outfit.

This was the second lipstick I've ever repurchased, as I've never found a shade like this that's so matte, long wearing and with such incredible pigmentation. I love this shade in the winter, it makes me look glamourous without even trying.

Exxxagerate - Purple

I can't say I've seen a shade like this from the high street, or even from a higher end brand. I would describe this as a 'dirty purple'.

It's a pinky, purple with blue tones which I never used to think complimented my ashy skin tone, but I find this shade to be really well suited. It's a grungey kinda purple that just makes me feel badass?

And that's it! As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of matte lipsticks, and Sleek just Bring It; with the price, formula, shade range and pigmentation. I would highly recommend Sleek's make up to my fellow brown pals, and all of the above lipsticks!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to drop me a comment!

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