Before & After: Dying my hair - Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Golden Brown

So as you may of read here I recently bought some Garnier hair dye in the shade Golden Brown.

A little trip down hair memory lane: I have naturally very dark (practically black) hair. The first time I dyed it I dip dyed it but with very bright colours - I bleached the ends and had red tips, blue and pink, purple and red, purple, green...apparently I went through a phase. After that I decided to go with red (around the time Rihanna's bright red was very much in fashion) - I had red hair for a good 3-4 years and it was pretty bright! I then went a bit darker red and then went a dark purpley shade. Theeeeen decided to strip it all, went ginger for a while, then decided to go for a golden brown. Fiiiiinally I decided to highlight my own hair (which I actually really liked) and since then I've just stuck to a medium brown shade.

Combine my lack of funds with my laziness and spending some time in the sun and my hair has lightened a lot. I opted for the Garnier dye in Golden Brown as I wanted to top up the shade but without making it considerably darker.

I figured I would show you some before and after so you can see how well this dye worked and if it's the shade for you. Obviously everyone's hair is different, and everyones hair takes to different dyes in different ways, so realistically my experience with this dye won't be the same as yours!

Above: Before (very gingery, patchy in shades and veryyyy dark and noticeable roots)

Above: After (more even toned, a lot browner, roots are less noticeable)

So as you can see the dye hasn't made a huuuuge difference, but it's definitely lessened the gingery tones and has topped up my roots. I do like this dye but I don't think it's as effective as the Loreal Feria ones I usually use. That's not to say this dye won't be good for other people - maybe people who haven't botched up their hair so much! (Also, how longggg has my hair gotten? I've always had long hair but the last trim I had was in January - I know, I know, it's really bad for you hair, but also hair cuts are EXPENSIVE - and it's grown so much!)

Lets take this opportunity to see how far my hair has come over the years.

Red dip dye

Pink and blue dip dye
Bright red

Darker red

Dark purple


Back to brown & highlighted

Lighter brown, still with highlights

Lighter brown, letting the highlights grow out

And that's it! What hair dyes do you use?

If you have any suggestions or feedback, then feel free to drop me a comment!

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