Empties #7: The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, Bourjois Clubbing Liquid Eyeliner

Alrighty, it's that time again! There'll probably be a couple more empties posts coming up, as I mentioned I've finished a lot of products recently.

Brazil Nut Body Butter - The Body Shop
The Body Shop's body butters aren't new in the beauty world - they're thick and creamy, smell INCREDIBLE, sink into the skin quickly and hydrate your skin soooo well. The Brazil Nut scent is one of my favourites - it's really nice light, nutty fragrance without being too overbearing and overly pungent.
I would give this a 5/5

Instant Age Rewind Concealer - Maybelline (in Nude)
Again, this is not a new product in the beauty world - every youtuber and beauty blogger has been raving about this. And hey, you all know I love a bandwagon. I hate to admit it, but I do really love this concealer. I was a bit unsure about the spongey applicator since I thought it was a bit gross. But it never got all congealed and lumpy or smelly - which is what I was expecting. It's a really nice coverage, and it's very lightweight feeling. It concealed my dark circles really well and didn't crease or fade throughout the day. It's also very satisfying to see all of the product being pushed out and seeing the tube clean in the middle (so infuriating when you know there's loads of product left in a tube/bottle, but you can't get it out) My only gripe is that the colour selection is pants. I think there's only 2 shades? Luckily I like my concealers to be a shade lighter so they're a bit more brightening and highlighting.
I would give this a 5/5

Clubbing Liquid Eyeliner - Bourjois (in Ultra Black)
You may remember me mentioning this eyeliner in my recent Boots haul here. It's my go to black liquid eyeliner. I'm a big fan of a wing/cat eye - and I do get asked how I get my wing so sharp. IT'S THIS. The brush is so so thin so you can really get that point...on point. The brush is actual brush hairs, not a felt tip so I find you can control it a lot better, and it doesn't go all flimsy after a while. The colour is a nice jet matte black which doesn't fade or smudge. I haven't found a drug store black liquid liner this good before.
I would give this a 5/5 and would consider this one of my holy grail products.

That's it for today! Have you tried any of these products? What are your holy grail body butters, concealers and liquid liners?

If you have any questions or suggestions, then feel free to drop me a comment!

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