Fancy Dress: Cruella De Ville

If you follow me on Instagram (@_ohram) you've probably seen me post 1000 photos of my Cruella De Ville fancy dress look. I love fancy dress - Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, and doing my make up to suit a character is really exciting to me! (Tutorial here of the Creepy Doll I did for Halloween last year)
So a couple of weekends ago it was my best friend and flat mates birthday party. The theme was any character from a movie, so I decided on Cruella De Ville.

I wish I had done a step by step tutorial of this look as it was so so easy and super fun to do!

I had tried to find some tutorials online for Cruella make up, but they were all very cartoony and comic like. I wanted something that was a bit classier and less costumey.

I really like this dark green and black eye combo. I also overlined my lips and gave myself a pointed cupids bow. I drew my smile line up a little bit to give myself a bit of an evil grin, but it looked quite clownish so I removed that part.

This look was really fun and simple to do - so I may recreate it with steps as I loved doing it!

It's a few months away yet, but has anyone decided what they're going as for Halloween? (Of course I have cause I'm already so bloody excited)

If you have any questions or suggestions, then feel free to drop me a comment!

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