So, you may or may not have noticed a minor change to my blog. The URL used to be www.rametc.blogspot.co.uk, but I recently bought the domain name and we are now www.rametc.com - very exciting news!

I've wanted to get the domain name for a while, but couldn't justify it's purchase. If you follow me on any social media or know me in real life, you'll probably know that I've had a bit of a nightmare since I left my old job and joined a competitor. Long story short, I wasn't paid my notice, so I've been financially in a minor (major) pickle. (Imagine not being paid for a month and not knowing how you're going to pay rent, bills, travel, LIFE - and welcome to my life for the past month)

But anyway - minor rage and anger towards the people that put me in this position aside, and things are on the up. I have a lot of new posts lined up, so stay tuned! I'm also thinking of upgrading my camera to a video camera and potentially starting some YouTube videos? If anyone would even watch them?

I also wanna take this opportunity to say a little thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog. Whether it's one post or all of them, recently or back in 2013 - I appreciate every single blog view I get. I'm so so grateful for all the comments and questions I receive on all my social media platforms.

Until next time! xoxo

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