Review & Swatches - My Mac Quad: Coppering, Rule, Coral, Sushi Flower

So I've been lusting over Limecrime's Venus The Grunge palette for a really long time, the beautiful packaging and the coral, orangey and copper shades were calling out to me. Buuuuut then I discovered that Limecrime as a brand were not very nice? Could be considered massive d**ches?? A lot went on recently, from fraudulent claims, to them stealing peoples money, to their products unoriginal and apparently they stole and rebranded them from other companies aaaaaand their swatch photos being photoshopped. So, I decided to jump on the #BoycottLimecrime bandwagon (click here for more info, or just google boycott Limecrime, or search the hashtag on tumblr/ instagram)

ANYWAY - I decided to just pull the shades that I was lusting over and finally create my own palette from Mac. I had a birthday voucher to use up and I had wanted a quad for aaaages. After a lot of googling, searching reviews, swatching in stores (much to the dismay of the huffy sales assistants) and I finally decided on Coppering, Rule, Coral and Sushi Flower.

 (Top left: Coppering, top right: Rule, bottom left: Coral, bottom right: Sushi Flower)

Look how pretty eeeeeeeeeh! I love that I decided on shades that complimented each other, and the packaging is so nice and sturdy, and I love the clear lid too.

(Top left: Coppering, top right: Rule, bottom left: Coral, bottom right: Sushi Flower)

(Top to bottom: Coppering, Rule, Coral, Sushi Flower)

They all swatch really nicely on my skin tone and they blend like a dream. They're not chalky and they're super pigmented.

Coppering is exactly that - a beautiful reddy copper shade. It's a veluxe pearl finish and is lovely and shimmery and super reflective.

Rule is a medium orange tone with a brownish undertone - it's lovely and subtle and really buildable. You can use a tiny amount for a sheer sweep of colour, or build it up to it's full colour potential. It's a matte finish and is smooth and blendable.

Coral again is pretty self explanatory, it's a really nice pinky orangey coral shade. Another matte which is nice and smooth and blendable. 

Sushi Flower is a beautiful soft, medium shade pink. It's a satin finish so it comes off quite sheer, but I love that it's buildable, and this shade really packs a punch with the right application.

I decided to create an eye look with all 4 shades, and I love how complimentary they all are! It's a super summery and bright quad and I reckon I'll get a lot of use out of all 4 colours.

In the crease I used Rule and added Sushi Flower to the inner corner and blended it into the middle of my crease. I added Coral to my lid and then Coppering to my outer V to give it a bit more depth. I then ran Coppering onto my lower lash line but stopping half way, then did the same but with the inner corner using Sushi Flower. I added a tiny bit of sparkly highlight to my inner corner (I used Pink Sugar from the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette using my ring finger). Then I blended it all together to make sure it was seamless, then added a wing using black eyeliner to my lid and used a white pencil eyeliner to my waterline. Covered my upper and lower lashes in mascara and I was done!

I love how summery and bright this look turned out - I wore it with a white top and black jeans on a lovely bright day and I really enjoyed wearing this look. I had teamed it with Versace's lipstick in V2058 (above), but thought it was too dark so changed my mind and wore something a bit more neutral and peach toned to match the eye look. (Burberry lip liner in Nutmeg No 06 with Maybelline's Honey Beige over the top)

I'm still getting to grips with lip liner as I aaaaalways end up over lining my lips. I'm getting there... kinda!

And that's it! So for anyone still buying Limecrime products (hey, I'm not judging), just please be wary of what they're like as a company! And for anyone looking for a replacement for the Venus palette, then I hope this helped, and saved you some time.

What are your favourite Mac eyeshadows?

If you have any suggestions or feedback, then feel free to drop me a comment!

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