Day Out: Selfridges

Ok, this post isn't more of a 'day out' post, but more of an evening of shopping and a comment on my personal experience.

I love Selfridges, I love all of the high end brands, the convenience of having so many products under one roof. I went after I finished work yesterday, as I figured it would be a bit more chilled on a Friday evening; and I had some gift cards burning a hole in my purse.

I had a very mixed evening some counters were lovely, some were out right rude- in my mind I knew I wanted to write this post, as I know how intimidating make up and beauty counters can be, especially for higher end products, and especially for people with anxiety or who are a bit shy.

So, I don't own any Nars products and I really wanted to try something out. I had been eyeing up their illuminators, so was swatching at the stand and wasn't approached by anyone at the stand. No biggie, that's kinda normal for me, I usually have to ask if I need help with something.
I'd also been eyeing up their foundations, so I asked to get colour matched. I'm laughing as I'm writing this cause the service I received was nothing short of 'wow0wowow0wowo00owow'
As she was trying to find the right shade, she asked me to take a seat. She didn't ask what my skin type was like, what kind of foundation I was looking for or anything. So I took a seat and waited. In the mean time she had a little chat with her colleague whilst I was still waiting. She finally came back and removed my foundation BUT REMOVED ALL THE MAKE UP FROM HALF OF MY FACE. Oh my god, I swear this happened in slow motion when she did it cause I just saw her wiping off all of my foundation, my contour, highlight, blush, concealer. She then proceeded to colour match me to a shade that was about 3 too light and only on my chin!? So she had removed the make up from half my face, but only added it to my chin....ok then.
I then attempted to engage in conversation with her - ohhhh what a mistake. I was telling her that I've never bought a NARS product before and asked her what her favourite ever NARS product was. And she just...ignored me. I asked her again cause I wasn't sure if she just hadn't heard me, and instead of answering my question, she spoke about the foundation.
Ok...so I asked about the foundation and what skin types it was for, and she said it was for 'all skin types' - oh right ok, so I didn't realise that acne prone, dry, normal, combination, oily and whatever else skin types were all the same? I just shrugged it off and abandoned conversation. Once she had colour matched me with the wrong shade I asked if they did samples as I'm prone to breaking out and it's nice to test the shade and product before investing. She told me they didn't and when I explained why I wanted a sample, she said that having the product on my face now would be when I can test it.

I honestly couldn't believe this woman? I walked away just dumbfounded because wowowwwww. Am I overreacting here, or was the service I received sub par and almost rude??

I've never had a bad experience at a Kiehls counter, and yesterday evening was no different. The SA came up to me after a minute or so of browsing and asked if I needed any help. I had been eyeing up the Midnight Recovery Oil and I asked her if I could try it out so I could 'feel it' I laughed as I said it because of my phrasing and she immediatly laughed along and said 'no I totally get it, it's described as an oil, and you're putting it on your face, so you want to know what it's going to feel like' This girl got me. So she gave me a little hand massage and let me try it out and I explained what my skin was like and she said this would help me a lot. I asked her if she recommended any other products for acne prone and scarred skin and she said they had just released a day version of the recovery oil. She said that she would pop a sample in my bag so I could try it out. Overall a really lovely lady, who was chatty, friendly and informative and a nice, enjoyable experience.

Ahhhh Mac - how I love to hate thee. As you all know there is this HUGE hype behind Mac products (some of them are justified, some of them definitely aren't). Their counters are usually super busy and if ever I dare to brave one its because I know exactly what I'm getting - I get in - I get out. They've just released a Haute Dogs collection, and there was a large poster of the models near the stand. One of the models was wearing a pale beige shade of liptick which I was intrigued by and wanted to swatch. I couldn't find it to my naked eye, so I asked one of the sales assistants. The counter wasn't busy at all, and she was bent down putting items back in a drawer. My exact words were 'hi, excuse me, the poster of the new collection, do you know what shade of lipstick the model is wearing? The pale beige one?' she responded saying 'do you know what shade it is?' .......................
what??? Is that not what I just asked? Whilst she answered my question she didn't even stand up, look up, make eye contact, or even acknowledge my existence. This is the general vibe that I've come to expect from Mac - I can't say I've ever received anything but below average customer service at any Mac counter or store I've visited (and that's a lot)
Once the SA finally decided to stand up and help me, she found the shade of lipstick for me. I swatched it and said that it may look a little pale and she says 'no, that shade won't suit your skin tone, it'll make you look ashy and a bit dead' WELL OKAY B***H. Fair enough, the shade was very light, but you don't know what look I'm going for? You don't know if this lipstick is for myself or someone else? You don't know if I just don't care and want it anyway? The awful thing is that she did it with such little tact, and then didn't even proceed to recommend me a similar product?
I worked in retail (New Look) for 2 and a half years, and I encountered so many people who chose items of clothing, or put outfits together that just weren't 'right'. So rather than being all 'no no no', you would gently mention that you thought this other product (or whatever) would be more suitable and went from there. This woman lost a sale, and I left feeling insulted and very disgruntled.

I was on a quest for a new perfume, and I love the scents from Diptyque. I'm very picky about smells, and I told the woman at the counter what I was looking for and she gave me a few scents to try. What I was describing was exactly what she gave me. I was really impressed at her knowledge of the products! She was very helpful and answered all of my annoying questions. I left the counter and came back and I had decided on which scent I preferred, but hadn't decided on if I wanted to splurge or not. She was really lovely and patient and wasn't pushy or snooty. She gave me a sample of the scent I liked and wrote the name of the other scents I liked on a card. I left feeling well looked after and excited to try out the sample.

Ok, so I temporarily fell in love with the woman who helped me on the Illamasqua counter. I was swatching lipsticks and found a nude shade that is the nude of my dreaaaams. It's the perfect browny neutral shade for me, but it wasn't a matte finish. I asked the SA if they had a similar shade but matte and she said they didn't, but it does go quite matte over time. She also gave me the tip of adding a translucent powder of the top to mattify it.
Whilst I was at the till, I forgot that I wanted to check out their skin base foundations and asked her to colour match me. She went through a couple of shades and took the foundation off my chin (thank god!!) and tried out 3 shades. She pointed out which shade she thought suited me best and I agreed - she then moved me around the counter and into different lights so I could really see what it looked like. She apologised for moving me around but encouraged me that I would want to see the foundation in all lights before deciding - I'm so glad she did this without me suggesting it! She made me feel super comfortable and was very chatty and friendly without being pushy or too 'salesy'.
Whilst she was putting the foundation on I asked her what perfume she was wearing and she pointed out the stand. I mentioned to her that I was struggling to find a new perfume that I liked, so after paying she took me to the perfume counter and showed me some of her favourite scents. She was so lovely and friendly! I was so impressed with her customer service - it wasn't forced or fake. It was a very nice change from what I had just experienced.

See what I mean about a mixed day?? What are your best and worst counter experiences?

If you have any questions or suggestions, then feel free to drop me a comment!

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