Review: The Library of Fragrance - Vanilla Ice Cream & Gingerbread

You may have read in my recent rambly post about my experience at Selfridges (you can read it here, in case ya missed it!) that I'm on a quest to find a new perfume.

Oh my goddddd, finding a perfume you like is so so difficult?! I miss the Charlie and Impulse days where my hardest decision was if I was feeling more Red or Blue.

On my hit list at the moment are YSL's Black Opium, Diptyque's Dosun, Diptyque's Eau Rose, Marc Jacobs' Honey, Jo Malone's Blackberry and Bay and Georgio Armarni's Si. All of these perfumes are priceyyyyy and I just wanted a quick fix of perfume that wasn't extortionate, that was long wearing and smelt good. Also, since when did perfume get soooo expensive?! I nearly had a heart attack at some of the prices!

Aaaanyway, so I took a little trip to Boots and I just wanted to get a small perfume or body mist that I could spritz on throughout the day whilst I was at work. I stumbled across The Library of Fragrance. Their scents are really true to their name, with your standard perfume fragrances like Cherry Blossom, Freesia, Iris and Jasmine - BUT then they throw in scents like Gin & Tonic, Espresso, Dirt, Grass, Clean Skin, PIZZA. Some of these smells are crazy - I went through all the ones that Boots had available, and they were all identical to the name. I was a little bewildered as to what some of the scents would smell like - how do you pinpoint the notes on 'Snow' or 'Thunderstorm', but these were all so accurate! It's crazy - if you can get down to a Boots, then I'd definitely recommend having a browse.

Ok, so super long intro out of the way, I managed to catch them whilst they were on a 2 for £20 offer. They usually retail for £15 for a 30ml bottle, so it worked out £20 for 60ml of perfume which I thought was a really good deal. To be fair even £15 for 30ml of perfume is a very good price 'these days'.

I decided on Vanilla Ice Cream and Gingerbread. They're both quite sweet smells, but very subtle. They're the kind of scents that are warming and comforting which is exactly what I look for in a Autumn/ Winter scent. They'd be lovely layered together or on their own.

You know how people say they love the smell of book, or the smell of their new leather boots, or even the smell of your grandad when he was smoking his pipe and drinking a whisky - well, why not try out 'Paperback' or 'Leather' or 'Whiskey Tobacco' - Honestly these scents are amazing - even if you don't want this as a perfume for yourself, you can always use it as a room fragrance!

I love the fact that these are single scents - there's so many times when I've loved a perfume, but there's just something in the fragrance that I'm not a fan of - you won't have that problem with these perfumes! They all come in 30ml bottles, and some of the more popular scents come in singular 15ml purse sized sprays.

Have you tried any Library of Fragrance scents before? What are your favourite perfumes?

If you have any questions or suggestions, then feel free to drop me a comment!


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