Review: Quick Fix Facials face mask - Purifying Charcoal mask & Calming Clay mask

So, I'm pretty 'big' into my skincare. I've had bad acne since a young age and I've always been taught to look after my skin. 'Prevention is better than a cure' has been drilled into me basically since I was born.

I love face masks - I love giving myself a little Sunday pamper and self care sesh. My favourites recently have been from Quick Fix, which I bought on a whim when I went to Boots forever ago.

Calming Clay mask
This one is aimed towards red, discoloured, sensitive and sore skin. This mask includes ingredients such as:

  • Aloe Vera - good for calming down your skin when it's red and inflamed
  • Oatmeal - amazing for moisturising your skin and relieving any dryness
  • Rose - which is known for reducing redness and calming down the veins in your skin so redness and soreness is reduced
  • Chamomile - incredibly soothing and calming for sensitive skin

I really love this mask for when my skin is playing up and it's really sore and bumpy and irritated. It's really cooling without making my skin more inflamed and just caaaalms everything down. My face feels fresher and less red and more moisturised. (The packaging to this one has changed since I bought it, it's no longer the red tube, but is now white with red writing!)

This one is aimed towards congested, dull and unhealthy looking skin. This mask includes ingredients such as:
  • Charcoal - which helps draw out all of the toxins and rubbish which is deep in your skin
  • Dragon fruit - looooads of vitamin C, which can help with the plumpness and radiance of your skin
  • Cinnamon - which is a really good astringent to pull out all of the toxins and impurities. It's also a very good antiseptic which helps with infection of any existing blemishes and it'll help reduce growing blemishes

I really love charcoal masks as they feel like they're really sucking out all of the rubbish that gets deeply inbed into my skin. I live and work in London which is known for it's pollution and I think that's another cause for why my skin can sometimes feel/look so dull. After using this my skin feels really refreshed and clean, without it feeling like it's been stripped of all it's moisture.

These masks are only £4.99 and I've still got a tonne of uses left in each tube, it says 10x uses, but I've definitely had way more than that already! I would highly recommend this range, as it's cheap and cheerful, and I've seen a huge difference with my skin. They have several different masks, which would accommodate for any skin type.

What are your favourite face masks? Have you tried anything from this range?

If you have any feedback, or suggestions then feel free to drop me a comment!

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