Review & Swatches: Mac Lip Liner - Magenta, Chestnut, Staunchly Stylish

I've never really been 'into' lip liners - I find them quite difficult to use sometimes and always end up over lining my lips. After lots of practice, I thiiiiink I've finally gotten the hang of it.

(I'm not going to show you the pencil of Staunchly Stylish as it's used and NOT appealing)

I love Mac, but I hate it - I hate that there's so much hype behind some of their products (sometimes I find it's for no reason and there are a lot better /cheaper alternatives) 
Like everyone knows, you have to gear yourself up for about 3 days before entering a Mac store, or going up to their counter because you'll either get into an argument with someone for being rude or have a minor breakdown and buy everything because it's so busy and overwhelming.
SO - I'm gonna show you the Mac lip liners I own so you don't potentially get arrested for battering someone who got in your way to the stand.
The formula's to these liners are all really nice - they're creamy, pigmented and very long wearing.

                                          (Top to Bottom: Chestnut, Magenta, Staunchly Stylish)

Magenta - bright pink
This shade is a really nice blue toned bright pink - its very flattering on my skin tone, and makes my teeth look really white. I love this one on it's own, or adding a sheer brown or neutral shade over the top to take down the brightness slightly.

Chestnut - dark brown
This is a reaaaally dark chocolate brown - I didn't actually realise how dark this would be! Any other brown I have is either more sheer coverage, or a slightly lighter shade. Chestnut is a true chocolatey brown. It's very flattering on my skin tone and gives me a really nice vampy, glam look.

Staunchly Stylish - light neutral
This was the first lip pencil I purchased from Mac. I wanted a neutral shade that I could wear under any lipstick that wouldn't really affect the shade of the lipstick. This is basically a 'my lips but better shade' - it's ever so slightly lighter and really helps to brighten up my face. I don't usually wear this on it's own, but pair it with a sheer light brown, or another neutral lipstick.

My only gripe with these lip pencils is that I hate sharpening them. A lot of the time the 'lead' breaks and I always feel like I'm wasting a lot of the product. Since they're so matte, they can dry out my lips towards the end of the day. They're creamy but after a while it does settle into the fine lines of my lips a bit. I like the shades I have, but I don't think I'll purchase another Mac lip liner unless it's a standout shade. I feel like I probably could have found these shades elsewhere for a lot cheaper, but hey, girl gotta try!

I'm a huge fan of Barry M and Maybelline lip liners, so will probably end up growing my collection if I feel the need. I also have a lip liner by Burberry which makes Mac look sub par.

What are your favourite lip liners?

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop me a comment!

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