Tutorial: Halloween Make Up - Jigsaw

So my office has announced a Halloween dress up competition which I'm super excited about. I was struggling to think of costumes that was simple enough to do first thing in the morning, and something comfortable enough for me to wear for 8 hours of the day.

I decided on Jigsaw - the creepy villain from the Saw movies.

This look was sooooo easy to do and I think has the potential to be a really good costume!

I started off with a base of foundation and concealer - I've seen lots of people mixing white face paint into their foundation - but I personally don't like this on my skin colour as it makes me look ashy rather than looking the porcelain white I intend it to be.

I used a dark grey to buff into my crease and worked it in with a fluffy blending brush until it was all seamless.

I went over the dark grey with a darker grey and blended it down onto my lid too. I wanted it to look a bit charcoaly and rough.

I decided to use a dark maroon shade to blend out the grey as I didn't want it to look so harsh.

I repeated the same process on my lower lash line - I wanted my eyes to look quite sunken, so dragged the grey down quite low under my eye.

I then added black liner to my tightline and waterline

After my eyes were done, I chiseled out the 'puppet' face lines. I carved out my cheekbones with the same dark grey I used on my eyes. Once I got to about eye length I rounded the edges up to give myself those prominent cheeks Jigsaw has. I also lined the 'puppet mouth' by blending out 2 lines out of the corners of my mouth.

Drawing the swirls was probably the hardest part as it was quite difficult to get a perfect circle. I couldn't find my red face paint, so used red lip gloss and a small pencil brush. Just ensure you draw the swirls so the bottom of it sits on the contour curve you made yourself.

Now the harderrrrr part - I filled the gaps in between the red swirl with white eyeliner - I didn't do too bad of a job! Just make sure you're super steady and take your time with it! I then drew over the puppet mouth lines with black eyeliner, and then lined the top of my lids.

My fave part! The lips - I decided to use the same red gloss I used for the swirls, but when I do this for work I reckon I'll use a red lip liner and a matte lipstick as I can imagine this smearing throughout the day. I made my cupids bow super pointy and curved my smile line up to make myself look super creepy. I added mascara to my top and bottom lashes and now I'm done!!

Jigsaw usually wears a red bow tie, but I only have a black one to hand - I don't think it looks too bad!

A super easy costume and make up look, which I think (I'm hoping) will be ideal to last all day at work.

What are you planning on doing for Halloween?

If you've got any questions or suggestions, then feel free to drop me a comment!


  1. Amazing! Stunning and intriguing!

    1. Thank you angel! Such an easy look - glad you enjoyed it :) x


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