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So, I've decided that I want my blog to have a recurring monthly 'piece'. I usually use the same products until they're finished, so Favourites would always be the same; my empties posts are always so sporadic because some products I use up quicker than others. So I've decided on '5' - every month I'll do a post on 5, whether it's my top 5, my least favourite 5, 5 favourite products that month etc etc. I'll do mostly beauty, but maybe throw in a couple of fashion and lifestyle topics too.

Ok, lengthly intro out of the way, I've decided to kick off with my top 5 autumn lipsticks. I loveeee this weather where it's chilly but sunny and time for snuggly jumpers and CHRISTMAS and aaaaah it's my favourite time of year.

It would have been very easy for me to just post 5 different berry shades but I realised I wear such a variety of colours during Autumn. I've also realised how difficult it is to find The One berry shade that's your ride or die, so I figured I'd offer a little assistance.

Bobbi Brown - Twilight Shimmer
This is my first and only Bobbi Brown lipstick and I bought it on a whim last year - It's a beautiful sheer, shimmery brown shade - I love wearing this over a neutral lip liner, or over a matte pink or purple to bring down the colour a little and add some sparkle. I'm a firm believer of throw some glitter on it and it immediately looks better, and this is what this lipstick does.

Mac - Rebel
A cult favourite, that's probably no surprise, but Rebel is a beautiful Autumnal shade that's a mix of pink and purple, resulting in the perfect berry shade. Rebel looks incredible on all skin tones, especially darker skin and it's beautiful all year round.

Maybelline - Midnight Plum
Oh, don't think I forgot about my high street faves! I'm a huge fan of Maybelline's lipstick's and this one is no exception. It's a beautiful shimmery purple mauvey shade. It looks incredible on it's own, but you can layer it over a neutral or brown shades to make it nice and shimmery and cool down the tone a little.

Mac - O
I feel like O is one of the most underrated Mac lipsticks out there. It's a frost finish, and is a stunning brown shade with underlying hint of red/purple. It's a strange shade to describe, but it's beautiful for every day and for the colder months.

Rimmel - Amethyst Shimmer
I always want to wear pinks in the colder months, and as much as I'm somebody who doesn't really play up to current trends - it just doesn't feel right wearing a hot pink or a neon pink in the winter. This shade is a perfect blue toned pink, which has a really nice sheen finish to it. It's a super moisturising finish so it's doesn't make your most likely already chapped lips even worse.

All of these shades are suuuuper flattering for medium to dark skin tones - they make my teeth look really white and are look amazing with those snuggly Autumn/ Winter clothes.

Naturally, it was very hard for me to pick only 5 shades, so to add to this list is Sleek's Vamp (reviewed here), Mac's New York Apple and Illamasqua's Buff (reviewed here)

What are your favourite Autumn shades?

If you've got any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!

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