Empties #9: Lush Cosmetics Grease Lightning, Estee Lauder Lash XL Mascara, Mac Cosmetics False Lashes Mascara, Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara


Grease Lightning - Lush Cosmetics
This is my go to product for when I get a spot. I just dab this onto an existing spot, or a spot I can feel growing, and a couple of hours later the redness is gone, the size is dramatically reduced, and a lot of the time it comes to head so I can properly get rid of it. Since it's from Lush it's all natural and there's nothing harsh in this. It dries to a clear film, so you wouldn't be able to wear this outdoors or under/over make up. This is my go to product for when my skin is bad and if I have a breakout.
I would give this a 5/5

Lash XL Mascara - Estee Lauder
I got this mini sample in a set at Christmas time and I only got round to using it. I was kinda meh about this mascara. It dried out really quickly (could have something to do with me only just using it since Christmas) but even when it was useable I feel like it didn't really do anything amazing for my lashes. It was just 'ok'. I don't think I would purchase a full size as Estee Lauder products are always pretty pricey and I don't think it would be worth the splurge.
I would give this a 2/5

False Lashes Mascara - Mac (in Extreme Black)
This is another mini sample I got when I bought my Mac quad (reviewed here!) I've never actually tried a Mac mascara, my sister never got on with them and always told me not to bother wasting my money. But I actually really loved this mascara! The brush didn't look 'all that' from what I could see, but magically it gave me proper va va voom lashes. It was super black, so gave me really intense, voluminous, fanned out lashes. I would definitely consider buying the full size version of this.
I would give this a 4/5

BrowDrama Brow Mascara - Maybelline (in Medium Brown)
This is another product I repurchased in my Boots haul here. I loooove this brow mascara. I had tried a Rimmel one (reviewed here) and I wasn't a huge fan. I really like the brush on this wand. It has an almost ball on the end with smaller bristles which work really well to comb through the product on my brows. I like wearing this solo as well for a lazy day as it almost glues my brows in place so they don't go all over the place - but without making them feel stiff and crunchy. The shade medium brown is perfect for my hair colour too! I've repurchased this twice already and would definitely consider it a staple.
I would give this a 5/5

And that's it for today! Have you tried any of these products?

If you have any questions or suggestions, then feel free to drop me a comment!

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