5 - Top 5 Red Lipsticks

It was quite difficult to decide on what topic to do for this months instalment of 5. December is a really good month for Autumn/ Winter make up trends; BUT it's also Christmas and there's so many festivities to talk about! I decided on my top 5 red lipsticks as there's lots of Christmas parties to attend and a poppin red lip can be a total game changer.

Red lipstick is my go to shade - I could literally feel like complete trash (probably look it too) but wearing red lipstick will immediately make me feel better and Glam. Searching for the perfect red lip can sometimes be difficult, due to the tone and finish. Sometimes there's TOO much choice! To the untrained eye these are all going to look the same, but they all feel different, wear different, and I feel they have different tones.

So these are my personal faves, tried and tested, from me to you, in no particular order!

Sleek - Russian Roulette
You may remember my master post on my favourite Sleek lipsticks here and there was a slight mention of this beautiful red. This red lipstick has a blue base meaning it'll look good on warmer skin tones (my fellow POC, I'm looking at you!), and it'll make your teeth look super white. It's a matte finish and is VERY matte, but without it tugging and dragging your lips. It also doesn't settle in the fine lines or make my lips feel super dry and sore. (I've just bought Mac's Ruby Woo and this is a very good dupe for it in terms of shade and texture.)

Rimmel - Diva Red
This was my first ever red lipstick that I purchased, back in the day! It has a really nice moisturising feel with incredible pigmentation. One swipe and it's all you need! It's not sticky or too slick or smooth, so it doesn't bleed out of your lip line or smudge everywhere if you eat or drink. It does fade throughout the day, but that's very normal with such a moisturising finish. It has a lovely blue tone, so again it makes your teeth look super white and makes my skin tone look a lot warmer.

Kat Von D - Outlaw
I'm a huuuuuge fan of liquid to matte lipsticks, they're my go to for when I know I'm going to be having a long day and need my lipstick to stay put alllll day. The formula to these are amazing - they don't peel or crumble, or get stuck in my fine lines, and I genuinely never need to reapply. And that's after eating, drinking (sometimes excessively) - It's a classic Hollywood red shade that can jazz up any make up look. Like with the other reds I've mentioned, it makes my teeth look really white too!

Rimmel Apocalips - Big Bang
As you probably know, I'm not a fan of lip glosses - I find them too sticky or thick and with the British weather my hair will always get stuck in my lips at some point in the day.
The formula to these is described as a 'lacquer', they're incredibly shiny but not glossy. The pigmentation is incredible, one swipe and it's a full coverage. They're comfortable to wear and very long wearing. They do fade throughout the day, but once the gloss ends up fading it's left as a stain on your lips. Don't panic though, it's still really easy to remove with a make up wipe or make up remover.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture - 14
Aaaaaaah YSL packaging is so beauuuutiful!! The striking gold packaging with the YSL detail and the YSL logo on the lipstick itself - godddd, it just screams luxury. I was actually given this lipstick from my aunt who just threw a tonne of products that she didn't want anymore at me. She said she was 'too old' for a red lipstick so gave me this one. (Tbh, I don't think there's such thing as being 'too old' for anything, you do you boo) aaaanyway - this lipstick is really creamy and pigmented and gives off a beautiful shine without it feeling thick or glossy on your lips. It does fade throughout the day, but not as fast as I thought it would!

And that's all of them! So for anyone who hasn't tried out a red lip before, I hope I've made your decision a little easier! And if you're like me and you own more reds than you'd like to admit, then hey, here's some more you'd like to add to your collection!

If you've got any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!

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