Empties #10: Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache perfume, Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume, The Body Shop Coconut Perfume

So as you can probably tell I've used up quite a few perfumes recently. I've had these for a long while now, but I always keep a perfume bottle on my desk at work to spritz on during the day.

On today's hit list is Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache, Vera Wang Lovestruck and The Body Shop Coconut perfume.

Laura Mercier - Creme De Pistache
Woaaaaaah my god this perfume is incredible. I'm awful at describing smells, but imagine roasted pistachio's coated in sugar. Saying that, it's super light and has a slight floral end to it. It's really long lasting too! I would always get complimented on this when I wore it.
I would give this a 5/5

Vera Wang - Lovestruck
Vera Wang's perfume bottles are always really detailed, pretty and ornamental. I personally love this perfume bottle, but I'm sure a lot will find it garish. It's definitely not travel friendly, but looks lovely on your dressing table. The smell is personally, nothing special. It's a nice floral smell with a sweet tinge to it. It's not very long wearing and has that typical alcohol perfume smell after you spray it. I personally wasn't a fan of the smell, but pretty much used it to finish it up.
I would give this a 2/5

The Body Shop - Coconut EDT
The Body shop do Eau De Toilette's of pretty much all of their scent range. I'm a huge fan of the coconut scent, and have always loved their coconut body butter. This perfume was so yum! It didn't smell like super sweet, sickly fake coconuts, it was more of a sun tan lotion coconut smell. I used it towards the end of summer and it really gave you that nostalgic 'I wanna be on holiday' feel. The bottle looked a lot smaller than I expected, but still held the same amount of product. It was long wearing, but not overpowering, but I did seem to go through this pretty quickly.
I would give this a 4/5

What perfumes are you loving at the moment?

If you've got any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!

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