Empties #11: Lush Cosmetics So White shower gel, Maybelline Baby Skin primer, Loreal Volume Million Lashes mascara

I forgot to crown my last empties post as a momentous moment as it was my 10th empties! (If you didn't manage to catch it, you can read it here!) Probably a sign I have too many make up and beauty products to be finishing so many products BUT a good sign that I'm actually using them all up!

On today's list we have Lush Cosmetics So White shower gel, Maybelline Baby Skin primer and Loreal Volume Million Lashes mascara.

Lush Cosmetics - So White shower gel
So I got this last year and it was a Christmas exclusive. If you're familiar with Lush products you probably know of their Limited Edition Christmas bath bomb called So White. It's a crisp, fresh apple fragrance which makes you feel so nice and squeaky clean and just gives you that refreshing aaaaah feeling. I got a similar feeling when using this shower gel and it was just such a nice smell! They haven't brought this shower gel back this year which I'm super sad about as I was looking forward to repurchasing this year. The bath bomb is available though!
I would rate this 5/5

Maybelline - Baby Skin primer
So I haven't actually used up all of this primer, so technically it's not an empty. My face doesn't react well to primers, there's not one I've tried that hasn't broken me out or just not reacted well with my skin and make up. I tried Baby Skin when it first came out and got on really well with it. It smoothed out my skin and my make up sat really well on it. I wasn't a fan of the 'feel' of it though, it's silicone based so it feels quite thick and has that weird velvety slippery feel to it. This is my second tube of it and for some reason every time I use it I break out. But baaaadly, I get really bad cystic spots and lumps that are sore and hard to remove. Since I stopped using it my skin has been fine, so I'm unsure how to rate this one since I got on so well with it first time round!
I would rate this 2.5/5

Loreal - Volume Million Lashes mascara
I got this mascara as a hand me down from my mum as she was meant to pick up the waterproof version. I've never used a Loreal mascara and have never really gravitated towards the look of their wands. I am officially converted, I LOVED this mascara - if you read my recent post about my favourite mascaras here you'll know that I don't lack length, but I do lack volume. This mascara gave me such va va voom lashes with pretty much 0 effort. It's a really nice jet black and it lasts all day - I was really impressed with this mascara!
I would give this 5/5

Have you used any of these products? What did you think of them?

If you've got any questions or suggestions then feel free to drop me a comment!

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