Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

As always I'm late to the party and Urban Decay forgive me for I have sinned. This is my first Vice palette and I don't know why it's taken me so long to invest. I've been obsessed with the chrome toned shades in this palette and I've held out for sooooo long, but some gift vouchers were burning a hole in my pocket so I felt it was a worthy purchase.

You've probably all seen the packaging 100 times but can we please just appreciate how cool this jewel toned spider web goodness looks?? Inside there's a gigantic mirror and 20 incredible shades to choose from.

I don't think my camera has really done these shades justice, but there's a beautiful selection of cool and warm tones, pops of colour, shimmer, sheen and matte shades. Considering there is some strong colours in there, I feel like this is a really versatile palette. It also comes with a handy double ended brush. I loveeee the brushes that come with UD palettes and they were my first ever blending brushes I owned and I still reach for them!

The palette comes in this handy little pouch which I think is super helpful especially for travelling - I reckon I'll also use this for make up brushes when I'm travelling as it seems like a perfect size.

ALRIGHTY THEEEEEN, I have waffled on long enough about the packaging, but now onto some swatches! I made several slow groans and whispers of 'sweet jesus' when swatching this palette for the first time because not only are the shades themselves incredible, but they're super soft, creamy, blendable and pigmented. And pretty much next to no fall out - which is like HALLELUJAH for super pigmented shades.

So I've swatched the shades line by line (vertically) rather than row by row (horizontally) - apologies in advance for how waffly this post is going to get! I didn't swatch any of these shadows with a primer, so these are all au natural!

Line 1

(Left to right: Bones, Framed, Discreet, Bitter)

Bones is a beautiful frosty shimmery, grey toned almost lilac shade? It's incredibly smooth and creamy and I think this would look incredible as a highlight shade.

Framed is a pinky toned neutral matte shade. This is super pale on my skin tone so I doubt I'll get much use for it other than the occasional matte brow bone highlight or as an all over base shade.

Discreet is a nice grey toned neutral shade - again this is very pale on me so I'll probably only use this as an all over base shade

Bitter is an incredibly pigmented, matte, warm toned terracotta brown shade which is just WOAHMYGOD. I think this is going to become my new favourite crease shade and I think this will be the most perfect transition shade for a dark smokey eye.

Line 2

(Left to right: Grip, Fast-Ball, Grasshopper, Flame)

Grip is a beautiful shimmery grey tone which has some silver sparkle in it. There's literally no fall out with this shade and it's super smooth and buttery.

Fast-Ball is an incredible shimmery reflective baby pink shade. I really love this, as I wasn't expecting it to come out so pink but it's a paler shade of pink that I own so I'll definitely get lots of use out of this one

Grasshopper is an incredible shimmery emerald green shade. This is one of the shades that my eyes were immediately drawn to when I first saw this palette. It's such a beautiful shade and the pigmentation is incredible!

Flame is a super shimmery firey, spicy orange shade with golden sparkle. This is another one of the shades that I was immediately lusting for when I saw the shadows in this palette. I think this will look amazing on the lid and as a pop of colour.

Line 3

(Left to right: Deadbeat, 1985, C-Note, Low)

Deadbeat is an incredible dark, sultry, shimmery charcoal black/grey shade. This will look amazing as the main shade for a smokey eye and smoked out on the lower lash line. It's not chalky at all and super pigmented and creamy to blend

1985 I wasn't too phased by this shade as I have so many pink eyeshadows, but I was pleasantly surprised by this almost duochrome blue based hot pink shade.

C-Note is a lovely almost dirty green shade which is INSANELY shimmery and pigmented. There was no fall out with this shade and it literally glided onto my skin

Low is a super silver sparkly grey toned brown shade. Although this shade is super pigmented I found that did have a little fall out due to the amount of glitter in it.

Line 4

(Left to right: Beat Down, Underhand, Arctic, Crowbar)

Beat Down is a beautiful blue toned duochrome purple shade. This is SUPER pigmented and just smooooothed onto my skin like a dream.

Underhand is a brown toned shimmery burgundy/maroon shade. Again this is insanely pigmented and was so easy to blend. I'm very much looking forward to using this for a smokey eye look!

Arctic is an icy blue, turquoise shade. I am in LOVE with this shade. It's incredibly reflective and again, really pigmented and smooth.

Crowbar is a gold toned brown with golden flecks throughout. This is such a beautiful shade and I can't say I've seen a shade like this before.

Line 5

(Left to right: Pandemonium, Harlot, Robbery, Delete)

Pandemonium is a glittery brown shade with a hint of purple and pinky glitter flecks running throughout. It's an incredibly smooth, buttery shade and I reckon this would make an incredible smokey look.

Harlot is an icy, shimmery lilac shade. I am so obsessed with this shade, I think it's incredibly unique and it smoothed onto my skin so easily.

Robbery is like a shimmery grey toned brown - it's incredibly pigmented and very shimmery with literally one swipe.

Delete is a near matte brown shade which I think would be really nice for a smokey eye or smoked out on the upper or lower lash line

Overall I'm very excited to get full use out of this palette. There's such a wide array of possibilities and I'm very excited to try out loads of looks with these shades. If there are any shades you want me to try out some looks with, then let me know!

Have you got the Vice 4 palette?

(I just want to say a huge thank you to the very talented Cheyenne Moore for the banner she designed for me below!)

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