5 - Top 5 Nude/ Neutral Lipsticks

Neutral lipsticks are the 'hot look' right now and everyone is obsessed with the She Who Shall Not Be Named lip colour. I love a good nude lipstick, especially paired with a bold eye look or colourful outfit. For POC the every day beauty blogger/ vlogger's idea of a 'perfect nude' might not actually be the perfect nude on every skin tone.

SO - this is a little guide on my perfect neutral/nude lipsticks that I hope will offer a little helping hand to everyone who's struggled to find a decent nude lipstick.

Maybelline - Colour Sensational lipstick in Honey Beige
This is probably my palest nude lipstick - it's a really good base lipstick for neutralising my lips and almost giving me that 'foundation lip' look. This shade is also really nice over a brown/pink toned neutral lip liner too. It's a good shade for putting over brighter colours to tone it down a bit too.

NYX - Creamy Round Lipstick in Stone
I'm so in love with these round lipsticks for a quick pop of colour - the shade range is beautiful and they're super creamy and moisturising without completely disappearing off my lips when I take a bite of a sandwich. It's a really nice brown toned nude shade which is really comfortable to wear.

Illamasqua - Glamore Lipstick in Buff
I've recently done a post on this lipstick and how much I'm in love with it, but I couldn't leave it off this post! If you missed that post, you can read it here! This shade is a beautiful grey/ brown or 'greige' toned nude shade that I think is really complimentary for brown skin.

NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream in London
Ok, how have I not owned one of these lip creams before now?! These creams wear sooooo nicely. They're a matte finish but they're lovely and creamy and comfortable to wear. Also, they smell so nice, like vanilla ice cream! The shade London is a lovely pale creamy beige toned nude which I think is really nice for brown skin tones.

Kat Von D - Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita
I've pretty much saved the best till last - I don't think Lolita needs any introduction, as it's pretty much known all over the beauty world. These Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipsticks have an incredible formula. I love liquid to matte lipsticks, they're long wearing and pigmented and I never have to worry about smudging or reapplying every 5 seconds. This shade is my perfect browney pink toned nude and I love wearing it over different nude lip liners. I also love putting this over different matte shades as it completely transforms the colour. I highly recommend this shade to my fellow people of colour as it's so complimentary!

And that's it! What are your favourite nude shades?

If you've got any questions or suggestions, then feel free to drop me a comment!

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