Review: Lush Cosmetics Milky Bath Bubble Bar

Yet another Lush Cosmetics review! This time it's on the Milky Bath bubble bar; bubble bars are the ones that you crumble under a running tap and they give your bath lots of bubbles. I broke this one in half for one bath so I could get more uses out of the bar.

I love the simplicity of this bubble bar, the scent and the look of it - it's packed full of milk, cocoa butter, orange oil, patchouli oil and olive oil. This one makes your skin super silky and gives your bath a tonne of bubbles. I made the stupid mistake of washing my hair in the bath when I used this and it made my hair a little greasy afterwards because of all the oils etc that I couldn't wash out! Don't make the same mistake I did!

Have you tried Milky Bath before? What are your favourite bubble bars?

If you've got any questions or suggestions, then feel free to drop me a comment!

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