Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Electric Palette

Ok, so in addition to my Vice 4 splurge (if you didn't catch my Vice 4 review post, then you can read it here!) I decided to treat myself to the Electric Palette. I've been eyeing this palette up pretty much for as long as it's been around and I finally took the plunge. Since it's a palette full of bright shades, I was hesitant for such a long time because I always want to get as much use of a palette as I can. I am a huge fan of bright shades and when I swatched this in store I was so starstruck and had so many ideas for different looks that I knew I needed to invest. (Plus, Christmas and birthday vouchers were burning a huge hole in my pocket soooo)

The packaging to this palette is so so beautiful. It's an embodiment of the crazy shades inside and is just so pretty and eye-catching! Inside there are 10 incredible shades which are a mixture of matte, shimmer and sheen shades. They're super pigmented and blendable and just so so pretty.

Top Row

(Left to right: Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe)

Oh. My. God. These shades are just: indescribable. The pigmentation on these shadows are incredible - I've not used any primer and these are one swipe.

Revolt is a beautiful shimmery silver shade which is like literal ice. It's such a cool spacey alien shade with loads of shimmer (and no fall out!). I reckon this shade would look incredible as an inner corner highlight and on the lower lash line. This would also look amazing used as a liner on the upper lash line.

Gonzo is a incredibly pigmented matte electric blue shade. It's not chalky at all and seems very blendable. I think this shade would look incredible as a lid colour with a few other pops of colour thrown in there, or muted down with a neutral brown or nude shade. Again, this would look incredible used as a liner on the upper or lower lash line.

Slowburn is a spicy orangey red toned matte shade and woaaaaaaah my god the pigmentation on this shade is fierce. It's a really unique shade and I think this would look amazing smoked out on the lower lash line to really brighten up the eyes.

Savage is a beautiful matte neon pink shade which is super neon. I've got a tonne of pink eyeshadows, so this wasn't one of the shades I was all that excited about, but myyyyy god this is such an incredible tone of pink and nothing like anything I already own.

Fringe is the most perfect turquoise blue shimmer shade which will help me fulfil my mermaid dreams. I think this would look incredible on the inner corner and lid to add a lovely pop of colour to a smokey eye.

Bottom Row

(Left to right: Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak, Thrash)

I have been very emotional swatching this palette, I can't even explain to you how incredible these shades are.

Chaos is an incredible matte electric cobalt blue which is super smooth and blendable. There are so many possibilities with this shade I can't even focus my energy onto one look!

Jilted is an incredible purple toned shimmery pink shade with a blue shift which is incredibly creamy and buttery - this glided on my skin like a dream. It's a beautiful almost light plum shade which I think will look incredible all year round.

Urban is an incredible metallic purple which is smooth and blendable and just so incredibly pigmented. I think this could be the main star to an incredible sultry smokey eye.

Freak is a shimmery neon green which is incredibly reflective and shimmery. This would look incredible as an inner corner highlight alongside a nice chocolatey brown or some stronger green shades.

Thrash is a neon shimmery yellow shade. I wasn't sure if I would like this shade as I'm not a huge fan of yellows, but this looks incredibly wearable as it's got a bit of a gold undertone to it. It's quite sheer, but still very pigmented and blendable.

Overall, I am very excited for this palette. I think there's so many possibilities with these shades, not only for complete looks, but for a nice pop of colour too.
I'll no doubt be posting a lot of looks with this palette, so if anyone is interested in seeing some looks with specific shades then let me know!

Have you tried the Electric Palette?

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