5 - Top 5 Pet Peeves In The Beauty World

For my April instalment of '5' (pretty sure I missed March, my bad) I've decided to have a super moany rambly post about my 5 pet peeves of the beauty world - basically where I just complain a lot in 5 bullet points.

Spending an hour trying to find the right foundation
So, no secret, I'm a brown woman living in a predominantly white country, and along with mild racism and stereotypes, it also comes with the huge challenge of finding the right foundation shade.
When trying to find a high street foundation I'm usually in Boots or Superdrug for around 30-60 minutes on average. To start off you've gotta find the right shade which is a mission in itself - most high street foundations don't really go darker than 'fawn' or 'nude'. If they do go darker than that then hurray we're one step closer! Next it's about finding the right tone - most high street foundations that are on the darker side swing heavily orange or pink toned - so if you're neither of these then I wish you all the luck. And theeeeen you have to decide on what kind of finish and what type of foundation you want in the first place! Foundation is definitely the worst part of make up buying for me, and personally it's just a guessing game 90% of the time. I haven't mastered the art of being able to discover my correct tone and shade etc, probably why it takes me so long to find a close enough match! I will forever be jealous of the ease that some women have of just walking into a store and pointing at a shade and 'boop!' perfect match.

Getting colour matched and having to smile and nod when they give you 5 foundations to try in the wrong shade
Point one leads me onto my next pet peeve which is getting colour matched at high end counters. I can only laugh as I type this as there are SO many instances where I've been colour matched to the wrong shade. Which I just think is awful because these people are artists they've trained in this, so how would they not know about skin tone and temperature etc?? I think the thing I hate most about it is the ignorance and the laziness, it's almost like some MUA's know that the shades they're giving you aren't correct but they just can't be bothered to try and match you properly??? What's worse is that high end foundations are pricey, you're not going to want to spend £30 on a bottle of foundation in the wrong shade - hence why there's the 'luxury' of getting colour matched to begin with. I mean that's not to say I haven't had good experiences too - you do get the odd MUA who spends a bit more time with you trying to find something perfect for you.

No, nope, nopey nope NO. I can't even explain how much eye rolling I do when a foundation, concealer, nail colour is called 'Nude' and it's 50 shades of white. The dictionary definition of nude is 'having a colour that matches the wearers skin tone giving the appearance of nudity' - so have brands not realised that there's more than one skin colour/ tone yet orrrrr have we not progressed this far? Also when YouTubers and Bbloggers describe a neutral lipstick as 'the perfect nude' - again...not...for...everyone... Is it so hard to say 'the perfect nude for me'???

High end make up = good at make up
I feel like the beauty world is slowly transitioning out of this phase, but the point still stands. Owning high end make up, or using exclusively high end make up doesn't mean you're immediately 'good at make up.' High street and drug store make up is on the up and you can get amazing products for incredible prices - that sometimes do a similar or better job than the higher end stuff! It's sad to see so many younger people who are getting 'into' make up and they practically smash their piggy banks so all they own is Mac or Tom Ford. This isn't the kind of message that I want to send out to my peers or younger generations!

B***hes be crazy
So my mum really emphasised this pet peeve - I said to my family that I'd like the Urban Decay Spectrum palette for a Christmas/ birthday present - she called me asking how much it was and said she had seen it on Ebay for £70. £70?! The palette cost £35 direct from UD's website, so how is it being sold for such a high price?? Cause people buy 100 of the same product (often exclusive products) then sell them on for insane prices. I just...can't fathom why someone would do that, and why someone would pay such a high price for a product that was originally not ridiculously priced??
Also, make up sales, or make up counters. Have you ever tried to get to the lipstick counter at Mac on a Saturday afternoon? It. is. hell. You get pushed and shoved and practically evil eye'd out of the store before you even get to attempt to swatch. Just a PSA - can we all calm the heck down. I love make up as much as the next beauty blogger but please - it's make up.

What are your pet peeves in the beauty world? I am a complainer by nature so this list could have been very extensive!

If you've got any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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