Review and Swatches: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in That Glow

Ok, so as you all know, I've jumped on the highlighting bandwagon - there's something about that dewy, sunkissed, angelic glow that's just so addictive! Anastasia Beverly Hills has recently released 2 glow kits which feature 4 highlighters in each. I opted for That Glow which is on the warmer side and more brown/ bronze based which I think would be more suitable for warm/ darker skin tones.

I got mine from Beauty Bay and it retails for around £40 - it sounds pretty steep but when you think you're getting 4 highlighters that work out £10 each it's actually worth it; especially since ABH's original illuminators are around £28- £30 each.

*high pitched squeal* eeeeh look at these shades! These are my ideal highlighters all conveniently into one neat little package.

Sunburst is a bright luminous gold with an almost metallic finish - it's super bright and more on the yellowy gold side. This is probably the brightest/palest on my skin tone which I actually really like! I didn't think I would get on with this shade, but since it has a warm undertone it's actually super flattering.

Golden Bronze I have been looking for a highlighter this shade for the longgggest time! It's a beautiful browny bronze with a goldish undertone to it. This one is probably the closest to my actual skin tone so it's a really nice subtle highlight if I don't want to go level 10 disco ball. And if I DO want to level up, this looks really nice layered with any of the other shades

Bubbly ooooohmygod this is literal rose gold I swear to god. It doesn't look as pigmented in the packaging, but this is super pigmented with a champagne undertone. This one wears really nicely and doesn't pull too pink making it look like I've overdone it with blush, but is just a perfect rose tinted gold shade.

Dripping In Gold is a pure golden shade with a brownish undertone and a reflective finish rather than a glittery one. This is probably the most wearable one for me; this shade packs a punch! It's subtle, but catches the light incredibly well.

(Left to right: Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly, Dripping in Gold)

The formula for these highlighters are so creamy and smooth I actually gasped. They blend super easy with no fallout and feel like literal liquid. I'm veryyyyy excited to make myself look like a real life disco ball with this palette!

Have you tried this palette? What are your favourite highlighters?

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!


  1. I wanna see them on your face pls :) And maybe also HOW to put them on.

    1. I'm currently working on a post with swatches and my fave application methods!

  2. I am contemplating buying this sometime soon. Thank you for sharing your review :)

    1. You should totally get it, I use it all the time! No worries, glad you liked it!


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