Review: Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask

So I'm about to be real with y'all. Feet are gross, my feet are gross; even talking about feet weirds me out. I'm super ticklish and the one and only time I got a pedicure I kicked the woman in the face as a reflex and it was just NOT A FUN TIME OK. My mum is a holistic therapist and literally had to wrestle me to the ground to give me a pedicure without flinching into another dimension.

Since I'm so anti feet I rarely maintain them. Much to the disdain of my nan who always told me to take care of my feet - 'we only have one set, and they carry us to our dreams' yeah okay nan, that would be a lot easier if feet weren't so gross. Anyways, I digress - you may have recently heard of Baby Feet - sheet masks for your feet that essentially make your dead skin peel off. Yes, peel off, you shed your dead skin like a little snake.

I'd heard of these Purderm ones which are apparently a very good dupe and had some glowing amazon reviews. They're basically like a plastic baggie for your feet with some botanical extracts in them. You leave them on for an hour or 2, rinse it off, then a few days later, LET THE SHEDDING BEGIN.

They're super easy to use and really nice and cooling on your skin. Just don't wear them lying down as the liquid will escape through the gaps. Put the kettle on and sit at the sofa for a couple of hours - excellent excuse to just sit there and relax!

My feet started shedding around 3 days after using the mask and stopped shedding probably about a week later. The shedding part is sooooo grosssssss but so satisfying at the same time. You're advised not to peel once the skin starts falling off which is harder said than done since my instinct is to pick at it...BUT, just let it do it's thing and it'll eventually finish. Once they'd stopped shedding my skin felt soft and supple underneath.

After they'd stopped shedding I decided to be a bit more loving towards my feet and have been using The Body Shop's Intensive Foot Rescue every other evening and the Cooling Peppermint Lotion on the other evenings. I really like these products! They're incredibly cooling and smell really fresh and light so it's not too overpowering. I use a gentle pumice stone around once a week (I really don't like how they feel on my feet, but the one from The Body Shop is very gentle) I also like using Soap and Glory's Heel Genius (which is a godsend by the way!) and I'm shocked at how soft and smooth they are now!

Overall, I really like these, they're a good prep for summer and flip flop season! They're very low maintenance and involve nearly zero effort and touching of your feet.

Have you tried these before? What are your tips and tricks for super soft feet?

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