Review & Face Swatches: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in That Glow

So you may have caught my review and swatches of the ABH Glow Kit in That Glow here, but I was kindly requested to do some face swatches to see what they were like on the skin and how they wore and looked. Your wish is my command!

(So apparently I don't open my eyes in selfies anymore....)

I think highlighters can often seem quite intimidating, especially if you haven't delved into the the world of Glow Up yet. Highlighters are to highlight your features, the areas that will catch the light and that you want to draw attention to.

Personally, I apply highlighter to the highest point of my cheekbones, the tip and dip of my nose and my philtrum on my upper lip.
I tend to use a small fluffy eyeshadow brush so I can be precise with my application and build it up if I need to. I really like the Zoeva 126 Luxe Cheek Finish brush - or you can use a fan brush or an angled blush brush and hold them on their side to sweep across your cheeks.


Sunburst is the top left shade in the palette and probably one of my favourites because it's so light and vibrant on my skin tone. It's a luminous gold with a metallic finish; it wears really nicely, no chunky glitter, and it doesn't fade throughout the day!

Golden Bronze

Golden Bronze is the top right shade and probably the shade closest to my skin tone so gives me the most subtle (but still prominent!) glow. It's a bronzy brown with goldish undertones; it's super golden and makes me look all sunkissed.

Dripping in Gold

Dripping in Gold is the bottom right shade and is a beautiful golden colour (duh) with a browny and reflective finish. This looks very deceptive in the palette, but it really packs a punch!


Bubbly is the bottom left shade, a golden hue with a hint of rose to it; it's got a champagne gold undertone to it so it doesn't pull too pink. This is another one that looks deceptive in the palette but is surprisingly pigmented!

And that's it! I love this palette - it's long wearing, pigmented and suuuuper PoC brown skin friendly. Have you tried any of the ABH highlighter palettes?

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!

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