Review & Swatches: Too Faced Selfie Powders

I hate to say that I had been really intrigued by this little trio of powders and nearly purchased it but cringed too much so stopped myself. I got this in my September Look Incredible Beauty Box so luckily didn't splurge on this alone. These are 'selfie powders' (wince) which are described as 'light filtering photo enhancing powders' that are meant to give you such a good, smooth and luminescent base that you will never need a photo filter again! I found this to be super gimmicky and really cringe but alas I was still intrigued by them.

There are 3 'filters' in the palette - a soft yellow called Sunrise which is meant to brighten and diffuse warmth, a bronze called Totally Toasted which is designed to bronze, smooth and glow and a violet called Moon River intended to give you a cool toned ethereal light.

Now, I'm still sceptical about these powders. I've used all of them and actually noticed no difference on my actual face, but I gotta admit I do look better in photos. I'm one of those selfie girls who searches for natural light but I was really feelin myself when wearing these powders. The only thing is, did I actually look good or was it assisted by these powders?

(Left to right: Moon River, Totally Toasted, Sunrise)

There is literally no point swatching these on my skin as they blur out really nicely but as you can see they give a really lovely glow in a really individual way.

So overall, I thiiiiiink I like this palette! I mean I'm glad I got it in my Look Incredible box as in my eyes I didn't spend an entire £30 (or thereabouts) on it and I can still use it and see if it benefits me.

Has anyone else got this palette? What did you think?

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!

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