Review: Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks

As you all know I'm one for a bandwagon and I'd seen sheet masks getting a lot of love recently so figured I would jump on that. I decided to get a set of Tony Moly I'm Real sheet masks as a pack of 11 from Amazon. I've also heard great things about Korean skincare products so was really looking forward to trying these out. These worked out super cheap at just under £1 per mask. They had a really good range of masks targeting different skin types and problems. I really like this set as there's a great range to choose from depending on what is going on with your skin at the time.

All you need to do is take the mask out and unfold it - lay the face shaped mask over your face and smooth it over your skin. Leave it on for around 20-30 minutes and then take it off and rub in the leftover serum on your face. It'll feel a bit tacky to begin with but leave it around 5-10 minutes and it'll sink in. You will look like something out of a low budget horror movie for a hot minute but all in the name of healthy skin!

I've tried all of them so far and have done a mini review on each and how they made my skin feel afterwards.

Avocado - NutritionI ironically used this one the same day I discovered I'm potentially a little allergic to avocados (itchy throat, sore lips). But don't worry, no allergic reaction ensued! The smell of this one was really light and barely noticeable to be honest. The mask was soaked enough without it dripping everywhere and afterwards my skin felt plump and nourished.

Red Wine - Pore Care
This was the first mask I used and I was a bit unsure on this one! The smell was a bit odd, but not horrible enough for me to not put it on my face...could be that I'm not a fan of red wine (*shrugs*)
In regards to pore care I can't say I noticed a huuuuge difference. The mask itself was completely soaked and ended up dripping quite a bit onto my chin and chest. It made my skin feel nice and nourished and a bit more moisturised.

Tomato - Radiance
I found this mask really unusual! The scent was light and passive - more fruity than tomato soupy (which is what I was expecting). The mask itself had the perfect amount of serum on it without dripping all over me. The day after my skin felt plump, rejuvenated and genuinely a little bit more radiant! This was probably one of my favourite masks out of the collection.

Seaweed - Skin Purifying
This was definitely in my top 5 of the whole collection. The scent was really refreshing and 'clean'. The mask itself had enough serum on it where it coated my entire face but wasn't too drenched. I'm not sure about the skin purifying part of this mask's claim but this one had the most noticeable difference for me. The morning after my skin felt nourished, plump, radiant, clear, and just fresh! I was really impressed with this one.

Pomegranate - Elasticity
This one was kinda 'meh' for me. It made my skin feel well moisturised but there wasn't a noticeable difference that I would repurchase this one. The mask for this one felt a little more dry than the others and I didn't feel that I could rub any leftover serum on my face after I took the sheet off.

Lemon - Brightening
Probably my least favourite mask in the bunch. I'm not a huge fan of lemon scented products, especially an artificial lemon scent as it reminds me of cleaning products and to be honest I don't want that anywhere near my face. In terms of brightening I didn't notice any difference to the condition of my skin. The mask itself was soaked in a nice amount of serum without it dripping or feeling too dry.

Rice - Clear Skin
Another favourite from the collection - this one had a nice fresh scent; almost that 'clean linen' candle smell you can get. It was not an obtrusive scent and smelt really clean. I'm not sure if I agree with the 'clear skin' claim but it did make my skin feel really well nourished, calmed down any blemishes I had and just generally evened out my skin tone and the general condition.

Tea Tree - Skin Soothing
I 100% agree with this label. I used this one when my skin was a bit sore and tender after a few hormonal breakouts and this calmed down any redness and soothed my skin. The tea tree was a really nice refreshing scent (I find it really comforting cause I associate tea tree with a deep clean). I would advise just to check if you're allergic to tea tree before using this. It's often recommended as an aid for blemishes and acne but a lot of people are allergic to it and don't realise. I would suggest trying out a different product with tea tree (try a patch test!) before you chuck this entire thing on your face.

Aloe - Moisturising
Another favourite from the bunch - this aloe vera mask gave my skin a really nice glow, made my skin feel rejuvenated, plump, clean, clear and just generally a bit more perky. Aloe has a really nice calm and refreshing scent to it so it was enjoyable to use.

Broccoli - Vitality
This was another really interesting one to use! I didn't really notice a huge difference to the vitality of my skin but it did seem a lot more moisturised and smooth. The smell thankfully was nothing like broccoli so this was enjoyable to use!

Makgeolli - Skin Purifying
So I'll admit, I did have to google what Makgeolli was before putting this on my face. From the image I presumed it was milk or a milk like substance of some sort. After a quick look I discovered that Makgeolli is a sweet alcoholic beverage native to Korea. I mean I was sold by sweet and alcoholic but I decided to actually find out what was inside it. Makgeolli is made from rice or wheat and mixed with 'nuruk' which is a Korean fermentation starter. So I essentially took this as a 'rice/wheat' mask. This one was another of my favourites! The smell was almost creamy but apart from that it was scentless. It had the perfect amount of serum on it and the morning after my skin felt really fresh, clear, plump, well moisturised and generally just a lot nicer.

I really enjoyed using these masks - they were easy, had a nice wide range for all skin types/ailments and were fun to use! If I was to repurchase any from this range it would be Aloe, Tea Tree, Rice, Seaweed and Avocado. I think this pack is really good if you want to try out sheet masks on the cheap.

Have you tried any of these? Which were your favourites?

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!

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