Beauty Box: Look Incredible November 2016

Ummmmmm, so it's been a month already since I got my last box? Heck?? Time always flies for me around this time of year but this is just silly.

I'm gonna do a quick review of the products from the October box (if you missed my initial review and swatches, you can find it here!)

1. Japonesque - Make Up Setting Spray
I am. In. Love. This aerosol setting spray still feels weird to use on my face and it does feel very 'wet' when first applied but my make up has never lasted so long before! I'm really impressed with this and from a brand I'd never heard of either
2. Mac - Upward Lash Mascara
I'm currently using this full time and I really like this mascara! The wand shape and size is still odd to me but the size of it is actually really handy for getting in the inner and outer corners of my lashes
3. Too Faced - Lip Liner in Perfect Red
Still really loving this lip liner. It's a perfect base for that Hollywood red and looks awesome on it's own too
4. Aromatherapy Associates - Support Breathe Roller Ball
This is suuuper nice. I didn't think I would enjoy using this as much as I have. I dabbed a little on my wrist before bed and I slept like a baby.
5. Neutrogena - Make Up Remover Towelettes.
I'm pretty underwhelmed by these! They're nice wipes and handy in the small packaging but in terms of removing make up it seems like they just smudge it around my face rather than actually removing it.

Now onto the fun part! For some reason the November box didn't come with a little card/insert with the pricings and description of all the products. I've found that as great as Look Incredible are, they're really not consistent with their boxes. I found the total box value on their instagram but after googling the products individually it came up short. So...who knows.

What I paid: £35.00
Box worth: £102.96 (apparently?)

1. Marc Jacobs - New Nudes Sheer Gel Lipstick in Role Play - £24.00
Now I did raise an eyebrow or 2 when I saw that I received a) a Marc Jacobs product and b) a nude lipstick. Marc Jacobs has recently been outed as a very unapologetic racist, especially in regards to his recent appearance at Fashion Week. Additionally, nude lipsticks are very particular to skin tone so I was concerned this wouldn't be a shade suitable for all skin tones. This lipstick is described as a dusty rose shade - it's a gel lipstick with a satin finish. I surprisingly really like this shade and it suits my skin tone well. The finish is almost a little glossy and it feels really comfortable to wear. Like all satin lipsticks the wear time is rubbish and it transfers everywhere. Overall I like it and will probably end up using this as my 'throw on' lipstick for those lazy days.
2. Spa Retreats Indulgence - Softening Hand & Body Lotion - £8.00
I was a bit sceptical about this as I'm not really a lotion person. I'm a big fan of body butters and whips but lotions I find to be quite sticky and don't seem to sink in all that well. The smell of this is really lovely but I'm yet to actually use it - so we'll see!
3. Hi Impact Brows - Eyes and Brow Perfecting Palette - £18.99
I'm actually really pleased to see a brow product in this months box! I suppose it's quite difficult to include an item that will suit all kinds of brow shades - so this palette I feel is a good compromise! It consists of 4 different shades that are designed for your eyes and brows and comes with a handy angled brush. There's a lightish blonde shade, a red based light brown, a light brown and a charcoal grey/black. I've used this a couple of times and I really like mixing the light brown and the charcoal shade together - these both seem to suit my dark hairs really well. The pigmentation is very good and they don't smudge and are long wearing. I really like using the 2 darker shades over the top of my ABH Dipbrow. Match made in heaven!
4. Ahava - Dead Sea Salt Softening Butter Salt Scrub - £20.00
Ok, lord knows I don't need any more body butters, scrubs or washes in my life but hey, I cant help what lands in my box. This stuff smells amazing. It's a really nice non offensive scent that's almost creamy but not sweet and sickly. The scrub itself is nice and not course (I would probably prefer a bit more of a scrubby scrub) - but it just melts against your skin and the butter leaves your skin incredibly smooth. This is a really lovely indulgent product.
5. NARS - Duo Ombre Eyeshadows in Marie - Galante - £25.00
The star of this box! As you've probably read from my previous posts I never really gravitate towards NARS and only have 1 other product from them (a beautiful orange blush in Taj Mahal - swatches and reviews are here!) Theses 2 shades, a sparkly violet with blue glitter and a dark navy with some glitter in are riiiiiight up my street. I wore both shades together - the violet on the lid and the navy on the outer corner with a matte brown buffed into my crease and I instantly fell in love. Due to the glitter they both felt a little course when applied so I did have to go over them a couple of times but the finished look is amazing. The navy applied a lot easier than the violet but I'm really impressed with how long wearing they were considering the glitter.

As always I tried all of the wearable products so you can see how they faired on my skin tone and how wearable they are.

(Wearing: Marc Jacobs Lipstick, NARS Duo Ombre Eyeshadow, Hi Impact Brows Palette)

Have any of you taken the plunge and signed up to this box yet? I'm a big fan of the products in this months box and am looking forward to the next one as always!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!

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