Review & Swatches: Sleek Make Up i-Divine Vintage Romance eyeshadow palette

I must first issue this post with an apology - I am so sorry for not doing this review and swatch post earlier and depriving you all of it's beauty. This palette is one of my most used and most loved palettes and I've been meaning to review it for aaaages. This was my second ever Sleek eye shadow palette, and you may have seen my most recent review for the Garden of Eden palette here which I am already in love with.

All of the shades are shimmery, glittery or have a sheen to them minus one matte neutral brown transition shade. The packaging is really slim and sturdy with a small double ended spongy brush; and a clear sleeve with all of the shadows names on. I wish this was printed on the actual pan as this sleeve thing is super annoying and always gets in the way.

The possibilities with this palette are endless; you can create some lovely bright, summery looks, and some sultry, dark and smoky looks too; you can also give yourself a shimmery bronzy or greyish smoky eye with a pop of colour. This is such a versatile palette and has everything you could need all in one.

(Top row: left to right: Pretty in Paris, Meet in Madrid, Court in Cannes, Lust in La, Romance in Rome, Propose in Prague)

I can't even contain myself at the pigmentation of these eye shadows. There's such an amazing range of shades in this palette!

Pretty in Paris
A beautiful white based silvery shade which is super shimmery and reflective and is incredible on the inner corner or all over the lid. Super smooth and buttery and easy to blend, and no fall out! I also love this one as an eyebrow highlight and highlight all over my face.

Meet in Madrid
One of my favourite lid colours as it really brightens up an eye look - a shimmery neutral yellow based gold which is flattering on any skin tone. This shade is really soft and easy to use, and again there's no fall out. This is another one that is super pretty as a highlighter!

Court in Cannes
Another one of my favourite lid colours, a more of a shimmery bronze gold. Super pretty on the lid or in the inner corner of the lid and it looks amazing on a dark brown smoky eye.

Lust in LA
This shade is one of the more unique gold shadows - it has more of a rusty, dark bronze tone to it - still very beautiful on the lid and inner corner and looks super sultry with a smoky eye.

Romance in Rome
Oooooooh my god, this is one of the best shades in the palette (I'll most likely be saying that about all the palettes) - a beautiful dark cobalt blue with a really punchy shimmer to it.

Propose in Prague
Probably my all time favourite crease/ transition shade - I love that they've included this shade as it's always the shade missing in colourful palettes like this! A really pretty matte, muted brown shade which is a perfect transition shade for me which softens and tops off any smoky eye.

(Bottom row: left to right: A Vow in Venice, Marry in Monte Carlo, Honeymoon in Hollywood, Bliss in Barcelona, Forever in Florence, Love in London)

A Vow in Venice
Now, I know it's almost make up blasphemy to use a non matte shade in the crease but I love using this one as a transition/crease shade! It's such a pretty shimmery (but not glittery) dark maroon shade that makes it perfect for a burgundy smoky eye.

Marry in Monte Carlo
Again, this is another favourite for the crease, it's almost a shade lighter than A Vow in Venice but with more of a shimmer and pink toned.

Honeymoon in Hollywood
This is such a pretty dark burgundy shade, perfect for those Autumn/Winter smoky eye looks but where you still want a pop of colour. This one has silver reflective glitter in it which you can't really see unless it hits the light which I love! It's nice and subtle, but still really sultry and looks really pretty smoked out on the lower lash line.

Bliss in Barcelona
Probably my all time favourite shade in the palette and my most used. This is an incredible blue based purple with shimmer and reflect in it, but not chunky and chalky. *screams* I just love this shade so much! It's perfect in the crease for a really fun smoky eye, and if you build it up, looks amazing in the outer corner. In some lights it's very purple and some it's very blue and I love the duality to this shade.

Forever in Florence
This is a really interesting and unique shade; it's almost a grey toned dark maroon with silver reflective glitter in it. It's really easy to blend and looks amazing in the crease and outer corner.

Love in London
I reckon this is probably my least used shade just because it's so dark, but this is still a really unique charcoal grey (not quite black) with silver reflective glitter in it. Amazing blended out on the lower lash line and in the outer corner of the eye.

The whole palette has noooo fall out and all the shades are soft, buttery, easy to blend and just a complete dream. And that's it! I'm sorry I have deprived you all of this beautiful palette for so long, but now you can all go forth and be the most beautiful glowing maroon babies the world did see.

Have you tried any of the Sleek eye shadow palettes? What do you think?

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